Ambient Mode: Android's proactive Google Assistant


Ambient Mode brings a proactive Google Assistant experience to your Android phone. Arvind Chandrababu, product manager on the Assistant for Mobile team, shares how it easily shares the information that matters most to you.

Starting early December, Ambient Mode is rolling out to Sony Xperia, Nokia, Transsion and Xiaomi phones and select Lenovo tablets running Android 8.1 or newer.

In the Google Assistant app, press the Compass icon to access Settings. Then, tap your avatar – Settings – Assistant – scroll to the bottom – Phone/Tablet – scroll down to Personalization – switch on Ambient Mode toggle

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  1. milo D. says

    Cannot disable this crap. If I disable in options, it keeps me bothering showing notifications to turn it on, and keeps turning on my display while charging, showing "useful" information, i.e. crappy looking watch.

  2. Ernesto Lirio says

    How can you turn this on in Pixel 2xl?

  3. Mohmad Taalab says

    Can’t I download it on Nokia 7.1

  4. david pufnić says

    Me on Android 10 : wHeRe iS iT

  5. Ngọc Tân Phạm says

    Please add an option to enable Ambient without charging and make it rotate. Thanks

  6. Dung Phuong says


  7. KinoFool says

    I have ambient mode on my phone and i want to know if it's possible to turn it on without charging ?

  8. Vasile Pintilie says

    Nightmare for OLED screens.

  9. Dieubon Pressoir says

    Oh yeah i got android 8.1

  10. Lufi x NRD says

    Phone heats up due to it

  11. Luxury arranged Lifestyle says

    Hi AllPlease we need in the new version or update, An item or feature which name is white list calls or any name that make just the friends numbers can call me that i put it in white list and the strange numbers cannot call me

  12. Luis Rubio says

    Waiting ????

  13. Afridon Dyer says

    Does this ambient mode support phones that have sidelight notifications like on my LG V35? And complete black always on display look?

  14. Nhoque says

    Nice but how i activate this thing

  15. Gurime says

    I don't have that option on OnePlus 7 pro which running Android Q

  16. James S says

    Will this come to Google Pixel 2 XL

  17. Pavan jalla says

    He sounds like sundhar pichai

  18. x111 says

    Google trash !!why the fuck is fucking dark gray instead of black and white !!stop fucking hiring those retarded pothead software developers !!

  19. E-MA says

    That'd be cool if the background was actually black and doesn't suck the living crap outta the thing

  20. Marcel Stek says

    I use it on my Xiaomi redmi 8

  21. Subhash Sriyantha says

    how i turn off this shit?

  22. Enrique Velez says

    You can enable this feature on Pixel devices by purchasing a $80 Pixel Stand directly from Google. ?

  23. Tim Liebrock says

    Pixel 2XL running the latest beta and I still don't have this. What's the deal?

  24. Gous Mohammad says

    House Mohammad

  25. Glen Joseph says

    Is this going to be integrated on the AOD on Samsung devices?

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