American Health Care Act: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight’s catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.

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  1. Ozzy Osborne says

    People use that iPhone excuse all the time it is ridiculous. How much stuff is that IPhone money supposed to buy. Groceries, rent/mortgage, savings in case of pandemic, savings in case of health emergencies, childcare, etc. That is one mighty phone I must say.

  2. MJ says

    The American healthcare act is essentially just theft disguised as a healthcare plan.

  3. Chris Warren says

    I want the Catheter Cowboy for a Grandpa.

  4. Teag Brohman says

    Affordable Healthcare is Unconstitutional, but owning a weapon is not?

    I hate America so much

  5. cHaNcE says

    I broke my leg in 6 places and had to pay 52,000 dollars in surgeries. Guess I can't buy the iphone 12 anymore

  6. Sentient Potato says

    Imagine if we had this plan during the pandemic. Good thing it didn't pass.

  7. Rhys Smith says

    Man, I can’t understand why the U.S. sucks so much.

  8. Kelley Hawley says

    The only thing that disappoints me about the Cathator Cowboy is that this wasn't shown on Fox Nation wide.

  9. Richard Rhodes says

    I cant believe that the richest.. most powerful nation on earth does not have a free health service for all.. it's simply crazy… I can understand that countries less developed does not have a service that is free to call.. free to use and the service is amazing.. but the US can afford this .. when I needed surgery on my hand, I went to the hospital.. I got got admitted.. I had surgery.. I got my pain killers and I paid a prescription charge which was just over 8 pounds .. that's like 2 coffee from Starbucks

  10. ThirdEyeOpen Shinhan says

    Trump has Corona virus 🦀🦀🦀

  11. Melissa Melissa says

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  12. Janelle McCoy says


  13. Alex 0597 says

    That lottery exception is fucking chilling in how it exposed the thought process behind this bill…

    Make millions of dollars a year from trading stocks? Awesome, here's a few thousand dollars for being a job creator!

    Win the million dollar jackpot in your state lottery? Fuck you! You need to spend all your own money on healthcare now! No stipend for you!

  14. Max Malm says

    2020 and no plan yet

  15. Soulkarver Jr. says

    For those who are wondering, Maurice and Robin Gibb are dead. Barry is stll performing.

  16. Glenn parent says

    trumps health care plan is from hell

  17. Robert Baur says

    dead on arrival is the GOP healthcare plan

  18. pikeman80 says

    We were happy to get Ted Cruz the hell out of our country……SIGNED —37 million Canadians

  19. frank gancedo says

    OMG the zombie master Kelly Ann Shitway is still speaking????

  20. frank gancedo says

    Republicans are all scummy slime. Eradicate them all.

  21. frank gancedo says

    Yes, fuck no nuts Ted Cruz.

  22. jskd2953 says

    Thomas Kopache
    is the actor who plays Catheter Cowboy. Just watched No Country For Old Men again and recognized him as the salesman who serves Josh Brolin in the camping store.

  23. Tommie Jr says



  24. KC UF says

    You mean more conservative governors are wearing a bow tie around their dicks

  25. Kimberly Morris says

    They were in court, I hear this June 2020 to get rid of PRE-EXISTING COVERAGES.

    It hasn't been flooded with extraneous Trumo lawsuits.
    Ge has been directly involved in over 4000 thousand.
    Not to do with Presidency.
    In fact, the main he NEEDS AND WANTS TO WIN..IS he will stand accountable..come JANUARY

  26. Kimberly Morris says

    Did Sean Spicer pull those his puffy lime green "Dancing with the stars " shirt

  27. Kimberly Morris says

    You are loved and appreciated. Even when we are stressed out.
    Do take care of you and yours..we love your mind.

  28. Kimberly Morris says

    John Oliver you are an American Treasure.
    Thank you for coming.
    Though you'd like that.
    I love and miss and am always connected with my B.b.c. when I speak correctly.
    Or ," Have a nice cup of tea, as opposed to rushed, awful ones."

  29. THE Adam says

    This show is political propaganda in little disguise

  30. Srihari Yamanoor says

    So, did anyone google if those three poor b*tards are alive?

  31. Peggy Trawick says

    Affordable Care Act from Obama

  32. Peggy Trawick says

    Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice- President

  33. Julie W. says

    Americans aren't paying attention. They will when they get cancer (increased from Trump's reduced environmental water protection), but by then it will be too late.

  34. Julie W. says

    Sure, it's TOO generous; get those cancer patients out working in jobs that STILL won't pay for their healthcare. And "our pile is smaller than their pile," so it's better???? WTF?!

  35. ArisCarroll says

    eh potc 5 was better than 2 and 4 and possibly even 3. sure there was some very crappy crap in it but the character arcs for barbossa and carina are some of the best character arcs in all of the franchise. javier bardem as always did an excellent job as well and while it did contain a major retcon in form of the compass' origins, it's not that bad of a retcon and with change a tiny little bit of the dialoge from tia dalma it can easily be resolved…..
    also yes us health care is terrible

  36. Renato Herrera says

    Republicans shouldn't call it Obama Care lite they should call it Trump care

  37. Miguel Sanchez says

    Poor people being screwed in america??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    In other news: water is wet

  38. Miguel Sanchez says

    People abusing the system to get rich I HATE IT!
    People which need crucial medical treatment Thank god, i can fight my illness!
    Guess who is in charge…….<.<

  39. G G says

    Watching this in 2020 and I still can’t believe what I’m seeing 😂

  40. Nicholas Fields says

    Ive come from the future to tell you that Maurice and Robin are the dead ones.

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