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American Reacts to 55 Indian Street Food Dishes! I traveled throughout India for almost three weeks visiting Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, Jaipur and Mumbai.

During my trip I ate Indian Street Food all day everyday! From the delicious Indian dishes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi to the freezing Ice Gola in Mumbai I went all out and ate my heart out!

Every Indian Street Food Dish is delicious! I also enjoyed trying some of the Indo-Chinese street food in Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

Here is the list of all 55 Indian Street Food Dishes I tried while traveling in India:
1. Parathas
2. Lassi
3. Aloo Kachodi
4. Jalebi
5. Falooda
6. Fire Paan
7. Ice Paan
8. Aloo Tikki
9. Daulat Ki Chaat
10. Buffalo Kebab
11. Chicken Kebab
12. Mutton Kebab
13. Mutton Korma
14. Fried Chicken
15. Kulfi
16. Butter Chicken
17. Nagori Halwa
18. Chole Kulche
19. Goat Curry
20. Buffalo Biryani
21. Gulab Jamun
22. Amritsari Kulcha
23. Gyurma
24. Momos
25. Bedai with Potato Sabji
26. Petha
27. Makkhan Malai
28. Tunday Kababi
29. Chicken Tandoori
30. Chicken Biryani
31. Ice Cream Rolls
32. Sweet Paan
33. Puri Kachori
34. Tomato Chaat
35. Chura Matar
36. Rajasthani Thali
37. Kachori
38. Thandi
39. Mutton Burger
40. Pani Puri
41. Ice Gola
42. Masala Dosa
43. Kalidas Masala Vada Pav
44. Bhel Puri
45. Nitrogen Biscuit
46. Mutton Roll
47. Chicken Lollipop
48. Kebab Rolls
49. Pav Bhaaji
50. Dahi Puri
51. Sev Puri
52. Ragda Pattice
53. Sabudana Vada
54. Tawa Pulao
55. Paneer Chilli

Have you eaten Indian Street Food Dishes in India? Have you tried any or all of these? Which was your favorite?

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  2. DJS Painkra says

    Yaar ye banda kha kha k pagal ho gya h indian food ko

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    How do you manage all the spices in the morning mate ? By morning you know what I mean 😉


    Caution: don't watch this video empty stomach.???

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    In the next episode he spends two days on the toilet recovering.

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    Hi. I'm from Vietnam.

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    It's amezing but you missed kerala porotta ❤

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    I like your t shirt bro…

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    Hey bro hope you are well and having a great weekend so far. Been following you for a while now so thought we would pop in and show some love. Your videos are awesome bro, and of course im a foodie too, love the enthusiasm you show when eating food. Keep up the great work my friend, stay safe and take care bro, Catch up soon ?❤️?

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    when it comes to biryani you should try hyderabadi dum biryani

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    ये लोग वो food दिखा रहे है जो ९०% भारतीय खाते भी नहीं?Buffelo बिरयानी??

  18. Shradha Gaba says

    I'm feeling like I will die in this lockdown seeing these tasty dishes

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    Food Rap…??

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  25. Brijesh 1179 says

    India forever

  26. Anuj Kumar says

    He drank lassi at 3 places, but with different name, like lassi, thandai buttermilk

  27. Anuj Kumar says

    Someone give him, lauki, tinday, karela, tori so that he could get the real feel of Indian food

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    Davidsbeenhere: American reacts to 55 Indian street food dishes5.6M people: Hmmm….Interesting

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    Love from India

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    Seriously no other place Indian food best in d world more than 25k + dishes..

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    Abba baga thintunnadu nen lockdown lo ey vedio chusthe ela untadho cheppadi. Corona entha mandi kadupulu kalusthunnave??

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    buffallo kebab just say beef kebab

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