Americans Hate Wearing Masks — It's A Century-Old Public Health Problem | NBC News


The anti-mask movement in America goes all the way back to the 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic. Meanwhile, Japan adapted to mask-wearing quickly, avoiding today’s mass COVID-19 deaths.
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Americans Hate Wearing Masks — It’s A Century-Old Public Health Problem | NBC News

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  1. Good Life says

    White people

  2. Johnny Blender says

    Only a weak loser beloved tv lies and goes along with mask stupidity. There is no excuse for being that dumb. Dumb like left wing cockroaches.

  3. Nova says

    holy cow cereal.

  4. Juanita Holland says

    They should have been honest and mandate mask wearing after seeing other countries using them. Guess they didn't learn from 1918 pandemic.

  5. Mj Kim says

    Japan is one of the lowest contry? They don't test enough …NBC!!! you have a wrong example to tell the people..

  6. Tracy M says

    Ignorant people- so so ignorant- selfish—- think of others not yourself

  7. Susana Rueda Rodriguez says

    That is not freedom,that is pure and simple selfishness,your freedom clashes with the other's freedom to protect himself from you and your spreading of the desease,should you carry the virus and you don't know,is that SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND?????? You can die,if you want to,but do not pass your s…. to me or my family!!!!!

  8. paolo922 says

    Those not wearing masks are just practicing their FreeDumb! They follow Trumpty Dumbty who will lose in the Fall! If you don’t wear a mask, stay home!

  9. Sir Jerkey says

    I am honestly embarrassed to live in America right now. These selfish people are keeping everyone with outdoor hobbies like soccer, football, skateboarding, scootering etc. From being able to go out and enjoy themselves, because theses karens don't want to wear a mask in their local grocery outlet. You wouldn't have to wear one as long if you would've done what they said from the start. Sure, america is a free country, but wearing a mask could save someone's life. Think about others for a second. If you aren't careful about wearing a mask, there's a chance that you were responsible for someone dying of corona.

  10. Auditing Australia Group says

    I am anti Mask wearing

  11. Jose Ontiveros says

    Were it please thank you. Idiots

  12. GesuVeritas says

    We don’t have to conform to Marxist governors

  13. Ylara Kuh says

    America—“Individualism”..!? Stop calling yourselves UNITED — with or without COVID-19, you are fragmented as a nation!

  14. yolanda neely says

    Wearing mask is not about at oneself! Is about the rest of the humanity! Only imbeciles fight it!…

  15. Naol Dereje says

    Wear a mask,for just a couple of months,if you cant see the oxygen you breath you cant see the virus people,wear a mask so that we can open up in 2021

  16. Justice Knight says

    It's why the US has one of the most worst countries for coronavirus.The world is watching and laughing at the US now

  17. nomad on a train says

    What happen to my body my right.

  18. Nichala Laramy says

    Stay away from me if you don't wear one

  19. kf160k160 says

    Reality US is total opposite than Hollywood US, wasn't it?

  20. Charles E. Mathew III says

    America is all about Dying.

  21. James Rideout says


  22. James Rideout says

    Sanfrancisco Seattle and Denver are liberal shithole countries and Asian countries have the worst human rights abuses.

  23. James Rideout says

    Nounthe practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

  24. tormentor one says

    Wow all this selfish people they love themselves to much.

  25. Susanne Raynard says

    They want to defend their right to infect us. Selfish, ignorant covidiots.

  26. Asskicker41582 says

    Title should read: Trumpturded Americans hate wearing masks!

  27. VEGAN POWER says

    Everyone is a proud muslim now.

  28. Rem Mys says

    Yes and you idiots will be the one's sending you're kid's to schools killing other people's kid's, now Wear a Mask.

  29. Jeff Burmann says

    What bothers me is there are SEVERAL peer reviewed studies that show masks DO NOT help stop the spread of disease. Many Americans that understand the difference between logic and reason vs propaganda which is rampant understand that much of what is coming out today about masks is just that, propaganda. Your feelings don’t change the evidence. Will a mask stop a droplet, yes… but it won’t stop the spread of disease. There are too many forces at play here, and to simply say wearing a mask is all it takes, really points out the utter stupidity of many news outlets, political tyrants, and their servitudes who take all they say and order as absolute. Please for the love of all things good on earth people, QUESTION EVERYTHING AND FIND FLAWS IN YOUR OWN ARGUMENTS!

  30. Mari Tootles says

    America the embarrassing idiots!

  31. Julie Guthrie says

    For fashion, practical and keeping warm. No issue.Snood ScarfOut door cycling/ running maskWinter masks Ski maskFancy dress maskWearing them for work:Dust maskDoctorNurses Hair and beard net for cateringArmyPoliceBut now people have a problem ??‍♀️?‍♀️

  32. Arthur Vega says

    ? SIMPLE until we have a vaccine that can cure the virus MASK SHOULD BE MANDATORY…Companies should make it a dress code…your childish arguments should not endanger other people's health.

  33. Daniel says

    I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist and those masks don't stop a virus at all. You see those suits healthcare workers wear with a hood and a hose pumping oxygen in. That my friend is the only thing that stops it. The virus can enter through the ear canal. Duh

  34. Daniel says

    Check your Vitamin D levels for only $39

  35. Olzme says

    I think Japan's lower mortality rate is due to them being overall more healthy, less to do with mask wearing.

  36. Truck Taxi says

    MGGD IS YOUR PPE thats when we know you are serious about covid-19 Masks, goggles, gloves, and distance is your personal protection equipment.

  37. Rawiri Coleman says

    Like Trump the non believers will get it in the end. Probably when covid comes calling.

  38. 畳山親父の助 says


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