Among Us (Mobile ios/Android) : First Impressions



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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.

The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

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  1. RedCrim Chan says

    Fun fact.Please use discord group for voice chat.Youuuuu nuuuuuubs.

  2. Sk8bsk says

    Is Among us available for IOS 12.4.8?

  3. MR OVU says

    They 100% sus when they say “Why me”

  4. AwkwardTofu says

    This game is so hilarious. I love it.

  5. Nomadic Gamer says

    Haha!!! Everyone's a suspect! Except for FG. :p

  6. Bleach Cowboy says

    “I don’t trust OJ Simpson”. Facts

  7. John Doe says

    This is cool. There was an old game called Space Station 13 that this is clearly based on. That game was really unique.

  8. Bk Brown says


  9. Rxby Gaming says

    This is sad to watch

  10. Therron Armstrong says

    You can lose friends playing this game but its worth it 😂 requesting more among us videos Detective FG

  11. Gekk0ko says

    Would be so interesting if you can make a video with voice chat w/ friends or subs. The amount of chaos and lies would be so funny

  12. AM Miller says

    "Nah… I don't trust oj Simpson. Its oj Simpson yall" 😆🤣😂💀😯

  13. scat says

    I hate the ppl. whenever sumone says it's green he gets voted out without any evidence.

  14. Pain says

    The thing?

  15. Noah Bronson says

    Can you use controller on the mobile cersion

  16. Chris W says

    After watching your video, I found this!!😆😆😆

  17. Lord Maximus says

    This game is really fun to play, always ends up with laughter 😂

  18. GachaGod says

    You have to stream this game lol

  19. epic7hatesme Sez says

    looool FG u suck at this one you too straightforward /pure to be sneaky ! but make more and try to collab with some one to make it interesting :p .

  20. Swordsman says

    you need to have voice chat for max experience.

  21. thenamesed says

    this was fun to watch kinda want to give this game a try now lol

  22. John Tupas says

    FG 2nd impostor af lol

  23. WARRIOR 919 says

    I could never play on mobile :/

  24. steven f says

    Can we get an 'F' in chat for OJsimpson? 😆

  25. Chill Introvert says

    Random query: FG, have you ever played Sengoku Asuka Zero? I'd love to see your thoughts on it. It's a game with a small community/population but the quality is ridiculous. The art, the girls, the translations…I'm playing it now on a whim and I'm surprised that it isn't more popular. If you see this comment, I recommend it solely as a side gacha waifu collector.

  26. RasenRendan says

    I been watching XQC and many other twitch streamers play this for the past 4 weeks. It's fun even watching

  27. kirito_769 says

    its sooo addicting

  28. carl smith says

    I knew this was coming because of the growth of the game

  29. LightingHunter says

    I really dont get how you can be so bad with puzzle games FG!!! Hahahaha, nevertheless its an awesome game but you need a squad to enjoy it at its fullest!

  30. SplashZ says

    it's just like flicker on roblox and thank God it's on mobile because my laptop broke and I lost my steam password but I'll reset it soon when I get a new pc

  31. Omnivoid says

    Clue inspired?

  32. Zach Squis says

    FG im gonna need some more of these please. see ya on twitch hopefully lmao

  33. The NeedForSpeeder says

    I don’t get the hype people have for this game. Kinda boring

  34. NoteToSelf says

    "All of us are humans………..except for the two of us."

  35. Dushyant Odedra says

    How do you play with friends online

  36. SS DRAGUNOV says

    i think you should do among us contents might me the break and fame for you fg

  37. Eternity dog says

    Why is the game not working for me

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