An ALMOST Perfect Ryzen Ultrabook – ASUS ZenBook 14 Review


The ASUS ZenBook 14 with AMD Ryzen 4700U processor is one of the best ultrabooks we’ve test. It has a super long battery life, amazing performance benchmarks for the 4700U and a pretty low price. But the Zenbook 14 UM425IA release date and limited availability might make it really hard to find and we also found some other problems with the ASUS notebook that make it fall just short of being the best Ryzen laptop of 2020.

0:00 – INTRO
1:21 – Zenbook 14 Lineup & Specs
2:58 – Size & Weight
3:38 – Built Quality
4:33 – Display & Webcam Performance
5:27 – Zenbook 14 Is Missing WHAT!?
6:15 – Keyboard & Trackpad
7:51 – Upgrade Options
8:29 – Mind Blowing Battery Life!
9:06 – Thermals & Noise
9:43 – Problems You NEED To Know About
10:54 – Real World Performance
13:22 – Gaming Performance
13:45 – Conclusion

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  1. Blend Rugova says

    When you do gaming tests make sure you include a GPU intensive game not just CPU intensive ones. That is not how you test gaming performance!

  2. Vovical says

    Looking at all options for a new ryzen laptop. No 3.5? Guess I'm going Thinkpad

  3. naveed islam says

    Any idea when this going to be back in stock

  4. Hobonickel says

    idk if I should jump or wait with all this ryzen goodness …patience gotta have patience!!

  5. Audi100C3 2.4 I5 says

    Hey, put a linux on it and it'll be around 44 to 46 degrees celsius under most browser workloads

  6. jasonthird says

    i have the same issue with sleep and wake up on my envy x360 with the same possessor. it just get stuck on wake up and need to be rebooted by force. happens on both linux and windows. i just hope its a bios issue and that i gets fixed

  7. oraz says

    Asus vivobook 14 has the same processor and keeps a headphone jack just with a worse screen. IF both are 15w cpus, the vivobook sounds better.

  8. Vlad Zemskov says

    Ergolift sucks

  9. Nurmuhammad says

    Wow. It is very informative review. Can you also make a video about Samsung Book ion?

  10. Naing Htoo Aung says

    what about the asus vivobook m533, its only 699 dollars but the specs are amazing

  11. Ryan Natividad says

    I’ve am having similar start up and blue screen glitches as was mentioned here with my Asus ZenBook Pro 15 after the first year of ownership. This makes me skeptical to purchase an Asus laptop in the future, especially if you expect your machine to be reliable after 3 years as you should as a consumer.

  12. sakshi chaudhary says

    Hey can this be used for coding and running applications like android studio and vs code?

  13. Madhawa says

    isn't the bottom panel of the laptop Metal(aluminum)?

  14. Akbar Noto says

    Cheaper than lenovo >.>

  15. thanglongliving says

    AMD is doing really god job

  16. Nursyahir says

    Just ordered mine today

  17. Tom Hatta says

    Yeah, I can switch to audio usb-c dongle adapter once my PC dies. My PC has plenty of USB-A ports but no spare USB-C port (one USB-c thunderbolt port used by monitor). Yeah not gonna happen. Manufacturers gotta get back to supporting the 3.5 headphone jack, who are they kidding.

  18. Sterling Archer says

    Honestly, this laptop would be amazing with some distro of linux on it. Also, where has your channel been all my life? Your review of this was outstanding, subscribed!

  19. NotPaul says

    No thunderbolt is a bigger deal to me than the headphone jack.

  20. Inés Sosa says

    I've been using this laptop as my work/study/entertainment laptop for a week and I love it. The headphone jack its kind of a bummer but I can stand it. I have not experience any of the issues you described. I am a little concern about the heat aiming for the screen. Do you recommend getting a laptop stand with a fan?

  21. Damien_bfg says

    What’s the best Amd ryzen laptop?

  22. koofe jood says

    Previous um431da Zenbook with Ryzen 3700u is still a sensible choice.

  23. Roland Jorz says

    Guys there are plenty USB C headphones that could be used in this case, you are complaining to munch about not having a 3.5 jack … from my p.o.v. that is not an issue.

  24. YoutubeRockerz says

    INtel and AMD processor are falling behind in terms of heat. Soon Qualcomm will take over with their processors which operate more efficiently under load generating less amount of heat.

  25. Him Upadhyay says

    What's the price??

  26. Dracorientalis says

    I dont know if the laptop ca be blame the sleep issue. Thats a general if windows actually it can happen on all device. Windows is just shit.

  27. reddeugemo says

    why no smt ?? i did not know that amd was doing the hypertreading differentiation.

  28. jenios says

    this notebook is actually 1499€ in europe…

  29. Marco Esp says

    that audio issue might be a ryzen 4000 thing, my buddy with an hp x360 has the same audio freeze issues

  30. Wah A says

    seems like your laptop unit has some hardware issues, when I hop over to other youtube reviewers on video rendering time it shows no issues. Time to send in your laptop unit back to ASUS for manufacturing defect

  31. Pedro Rotoli says

    4:33 Nani? Kansei dorifito!!!

  32. Markus von Staden says

    I don't care about the headphone jack, but I would love to see another USB C on the right, so it can be charged from both sides

  33. Bryan says

    7:52 "Getting into this laptop is a hassle. You have to remove the rubber feet and then remove the screws beneath that."….that's it? I mean, c'mon. There are plenty that require just that. Lol

  34. bigboi says

    so lucky you guys in the that shit cost as much as a Legion 5

  35. dilanz51 says

    I rather go with huawei matebook 13. ☺

  36. میكانیك و ئه‌لكترۆن و هه‌نده‌سه says

    LED is display amoled ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  37. Stinkytofu says

    A FDH display for around 800$ is ok I guess… but I don't mind paying a bit more to have a QHD display…

  38. Shaheen says

    I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about no headphone jack. I don’t know anyone that still uses wired headphones with their laptop or their phone or their tablet

  39. Negeya says

    Drift of Culture 4:32

  40. Chris Clark says

    Those noise and sleep issues have immediately put me off Asus. For 900€ machine, it should be flawless.

  41. Matthew Jardine says

    I was really interested… until I saw no headphone jack. I don't mind not having one on my phone, but I am at my computer all day and I sit with earphones in by default. I have a MacBook and AirPods and tried that, but I ended up running down the batteries on the AirPods constantly without much benefit. I don't want to keep taking them in and out, and I don't want them to drain while sitting there inactive in my ears. Solution, regular 3.5mm plugin earphones.

  42. S. X. Tan says

    They should have replaced that USB-A with another USB-C. 2 reasons: ambidextrous charging, USB-C headphones alternative to the (missing) 3.5mm. The only use of USB-A these days is for Logitech receiver, which is unnecessary if went Bluetooth.

  43. Grizzy Bear says

    i don't care about the headphone jack i don't use, i usually just use a good Bluetooth speaker with my laptop.

  44. Saurabh Mallik says

    IPS-level wide-view technology
    ?? what does that mean it has TN panel?

  45. Andrew M. says

    4:08 is it a well built notebook or not? Be concise, price has nothing to do with build quality.Edit: after finishing the video I've come to the conclusion that, no the build quality is not good and they were just being nice.

  46. Yemelian Fabrichnikov says

    One can use wireless headphones with type C cable instead of old fashioned 3.5mm, I find no problem with that. It’s time to let 3.5 mm jack go )))

  47. OhWhat World says

    So what graphics does this actually have? Vega 8?

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