An awkward moment on Nine News Melbourne (1/08/2016)


Nine News weather presenter Rebecca Judd is taking a break from the 6pm bulletin, but not without sports presenter Tony Jones trying and failing to send her off with a kiss. Poor Peter Hitchener couldn’t help but laugh!
Broadcast on Monday 1st August 2016.

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  1. RV Naumenko says

    Ahhh chompers. What a character ??

  2. Noel mee says

    tony legend

  3. ChumpyChicken2 says

    Fuck me! Cringemas


    0:48 KITTY!

  5. Jon Smith says

    I bet she dates all the Chads.The friendzone is real. 🙁

  6. pnmcrw says

    I wonder do these broads really get fucked by these old men for whatever pressure reason?

  7. TheUnPlayable says

    What the fuck was he expecting ?

  8. Smazzy says

    His face right after is priceless, he just knew straight away how much he messed up

  9. theCarbonFreeze says

    Somehow the dramatic music made it 100x funnier

  10. DeliciousPoison says

    0:27 Just play it over and over and it gets funnier

  11. David Vino says

    That cat in the ending though

  12. Ainsely Harriot says

    How fucking dramatic is the outro music?

  13. GenderPranks says

    Get fucked noob.

  14. S G says

    creepy dude

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