1. Patrick Straford says

    I love how he couldn't really use the outro anymore but he did it one last time.

  2. That Grind says


  3. Luis Martinez says

    Me to whoever claimed it: "the great kirbo has found your sin unforgivable" -the great kirbo

  4. Steven Stevenson says

    how do i feel remorse over outro music?

  5. Dylan GONZALEZ says

    We lost a fellow comrade everyone salute

  6. Sobrienaasc says

    me during the video: cryingme at the end of the video: crying while dancing

  7. Twisted says

    I just come to the end of this video whenever one of your new videos end.

  8. Kole GreyEyes says

    I almost cried when I heard the old outro music come back on for the outro

  9. Andrew Thome Williams says

    Just because it's copyrighted doesn't mean there aren't any other alternatives. How about finding a version of the song that someone made that isn't held down through copyright. If you're able to find it, ask the creator if they could use it. If you're given permission to use it, make sure you credit them in the end.

  10. Marley Collins says


  11. Carlos Andrés García Trujillo says

    That second copyright strike you will surely get is totally worth it, just to listen to that beautiful outro music one last time and the end of a video.

  12. BAXTER MADORE says

    If this gets copyrighted, will there be "An Ode to An Ode to My Outro Music"?

  13. Abby Hymers says

    bruh im so fuckin sad about this i get this song stuck in my head all the time :((

  14. Yellow Toad says


  15. H1J says

    *softly * don't

  16. Luca Marmiroli says

    Darn YouTube

  17. Generation 156 says

    "You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best."

  18. Fco 64 says

    we will miss you!(outro)

  19. Captain23rd Gaming says

    Well even though we lost our friend At least we got the chance to hear it one last time 👍

  20. Laloo Martínez says

    If you use your outro music, the video ends…Bro…

  21. The Awesome Doritos 9000 says

    My comment was in that video Thanks !

  22. ThatOneRose says

    Some kid on Vine: Chipotle my lifeeeeeeMe: This outro's my lifeeeeeeeee

  23. Arif Sudibyo says

    Now I cry at 3 things.Charles, Bobby, Outro

  24. Arif Sudibyo says

    Old Outro lol

  25. Y POKEMO says


  26. Toad ya Boi 930 says

    This feels like when the Wii shop channel shut down and you even used the music that was in the Wii shop final moments video 😢

  27. Bryson Radel says

    So sad,Shake it Watch got copyrighted😢

  28. Cody West STUDENT says

    I have a poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, whoever struck his channel, spears will go through you

  29. Bacony Bacon says

    probably the last and the best time

  30. Deyorkpup says

    Why dont you just use that sound when you dont need much money also

  31. Floyddog22 says

    You’re such a madlad

  32. Party Boi says

    Everybody: MAN DOWN!! MAN DOWN!! Me: o_O I watch the vid 'til the end: ⊙ ͜ ⊙ Edit: IT'S BACK!!

  33. MWDR GAMING says

    f in the chat boi's f in the chat :,(

  34. MWDR GAMING says

    creepy produce outro: copyright claimedus: why has this happened to me

  35. MWDR GAMING says

    the outro was the best thing ever i mean the new is good the old one is amazing

  36. Matthew Gilbert says

    we have just lost youtube's best outro music. can we get an F in the comments for the fallen solder

  37. MKKing says


  38. Con L8N says

    Why did it get copyrighted? It’s completely original

  39. FlapJqck says

    why is the outro music the same?

  40. Paper Toad says

    😢 R.i.p Now Im Sad For This

  41. Trevor Rose says

    He brought the iconic Outro back! 😀

  42. GarrettBDrums says

    don’t be sad that it’s gone…be happy that we got to experience it

  43. Christopher Edwards says

    Let's all play sad music on the world's smallest violin. 🎻

  44. DenGC says


  45. Master TechPaul says

    Fun Fact: 3:07 It looks so legit.

  46. TheN00b21 says

    start another channel with the outro music so you can still use it? I'm sorry I'm trying to not lose hope

  47. Rocco Quattrone says

    Mario Kart custom tracks online but if you get a NES track the video ends

  48. CharlesPlayz says

    But… But he's playing the copyrighted music at the end

  49. Mathew Mario Kart says

    The outro music came back! For one night only:(

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