Analyzing Chelsea's Set-Piece Issues | Tactical Analysis by Nouman


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In today’s video, I’ve tried to analyze Chelsea’s set-piece issues and how they fail to cover certain zones from corners and set-pieces!
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  1. C Y says

    Please send this to Lampard. Thanks

  2. Alan Jacob says

    Could you please make video on how to beat Manchester United?

  3. Baldeep Deol says

    Appreciate the video mate. Please do a player analysis on Kai Haverts. I want to see the hype behind him. Thanks

  4. Swati Karmakar says

    Hi Could you do a video on the Leeds 3-3-1-3 system? Everyone is talking about it!

  5. alfa says

    when I see chelsea first match I can see lampard want to make chelsea play like with the same chelsea when he is still playing, unfortunately their defender level still not same level with terry, the mid not creative enough like lampard, the attacking not accurate enough like drogba, the keeper can't even touch subs level, and what more other position still have high tier player, after season end they still not enough but surely walk in the right direction, if they want to finish top 2 for next season they need improve their level to terry cs level (very hard) or recruit high tier level player especially at keeper and defender, lampard strategy and direction can work and not bad but it will be hard if still use the same player (the consistency still low)

  6. Petr Čech says

    A set piece against Chelsea is like a penalty 🙁

  7. Petr Čech says

    I backed Kepa all season, but it's enough. Kepa should have played his last game for the club. We should play Argentine Johnny Sins until we get a new keeper. Get John Terry from A. Villa as a defensive coach, and sack Hilario, make me coach or Cudicini.

  8. Riko Mori says

    8:06 we did the best defensive tactic ever…

  9. Chris Hansen says

    As a Chelsea Fan I am unhappy with the fact that Nouman got all of this right… and that could be devastating if Wolves saw this video.

  10. Karan Hiremath says

    Send this link to lampard!!

  11. megadisc1982 says

    that ended abruupptly.

  12. Chris Smith says

    I have always wondered,why don't teams try to generate corners,especially against a vulnerable team? It seems to me a team should have 5 or more each half if they wanted. Also,once you establish this,then the defenders might allow more crosses to go through.

  13. Bleu Widley says

    Lampard had the exact same issue at Derby. He never rectified it in his season there, sadly he's done the same with us.

  14. Clash Globally says

    I believe the first thing defenders need to do is man-marking during setpieces but we have been struggling this for so long!

  15. Raiden Kalisz says

    Please nouman can u email the video to lampard please

  16. Praneeth M says

    Please tag lampard in this video and circulate in all social media and post on Chelsea Twitter page

  17. Ahmad Zulhelmi says

    Call Steve Holland back

  18. sony 63361 says

    Thanks NOUMAN … Hope you send this video to Lampard by DM … so he will understand about his lack of tactical defence …he must copy antonio CONTE tactical defending who is good in the air… @franklamapard @petrchech @chelseafc

  19. Shivam Kumar says

    Why did Chelsea bought Werner and Ziyech first when their priority should have been a new goalkeeper and Defenders

  20. Zafirul Rahi says

    we need John Terry as a defensive coach

  21. kushagra kankane says

    Please do a Leeds United tactical analysis.

  22. David Morris says

    Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools.

  23. 2k Doz says

    Your analysis are so spot on!

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