Andre Onana ● Welcome to Chelsea ● 2020 ?


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  1. Carl Johnson says

    Welcome to Chelsea The Pride Of London ?????

  2. aryo47 says

    I think he can be Petr Chech's apprentice

  3. MseeF says

    Is this his favorite song (with some modifications of course)?Rihanna – What's My Name? (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

  4. Bokang Johannes says

    if this was kepa 90% would have been in

  5. Dele says

    Average goalkeeper, makes normal saves look good… no thanks.


    Well, I can boldly say Onana is one of the most underrated players and that's probably because he's black. I don't see anything a world class goalkeeper does that Onana can't do, I'm not saying he's the best though but he's up their among the very best. £35m for him is an exceptional bargain

  7. Jose Baez says

    link: Basta con gli annunci e le pagine Web di YouTube con questo browser Brave ?? e pagaci per usarlo ?? Provalo ????

  8. Prince James says

    whose here after Younes video?

  9. Chevon Givans says

    His stats are pretty good

  10. Trilla NY says


  11. TTRaptor says

    There is a chart showing the best goal keepers of the last 3 years, Onana is third. Oblak not the two above him. Suprising I know so anyone saying Onana is not worth 25m are just not telling the truth

  12. gerben lunenborg says

    I've been watching Onana for 3 years now, and he is so good! Definitely a top 10 goalkeeper in the world. Good reflexes, agressive and fast out of his goal, strong hand, good with the ball on his feet etc. He made some mistakes in the past (especially '16/'17 and '17/'18 season) to be fair but last season he was Ajax's best player with ziyech for sure!

  13. Mohammad Amar Rahimi says

    Just because his colour. we not see his best. He is good for Chelsea. Good signing ! Chelsea is ready for next Season. I hope they buy new CB

  14. mg arch says

    Better than kepa??

  15. Beast says

    Dude stop you are not getting him you already got ziyech you guys are not gonna buy three of our players

  16. Pubman Gaming says

    the saves he makes compared to kepa is crazy for less then half the price kepa was…. i feel like he could be a future star GK very good strong wrists makes him self look big in the box and actually makes big dives unlike kepa who stands there lol

  17. reza feriansyah says

    He playing looks like higuita, acrobatic and attractive… ?

  18. Mike Brookes says

    Were all missing a trick people check our Ugurcan cakir now there is the goalkeeper we need

  19. Sahil Sharma says

    To the people slagging off Onana, football now works on Data Science as part of scouting. Just check his post shot xG stats which is what keepers are evaluated on. Then we will talk.

  20. Wibu Bau Bawang says

    He'll be another kepa better search another

  21. jejey j says

    Welcome to Chelsea

  22. Emer Son says

    Onana is what Chelsea needs, please keep in mind his footwork on the ball is good too

  23. WinD_bADx says

    And Kepa ?

  24. Maxamed Geedi says

    Andre onana is one of Chelsea shortlist to replace kepa alongside oblak and nick pope

  25. King Slimeball says

    Kepa would be a statue and watch more than half of these go in if he was in goal

  26. Chill Alexander says

    Only problem is afcon imo

  27. Jesse Roozendaal says

    He is not going to Chelsea…

  28. Roma Kulakovi says

    i think onana better plan than oblak for chelsea, because chelsea need top defenders too! onana's price is 40 million and oblak's 100!!! chelsea need top left back too!!!my choice – onana, telles,(alaba) jose gimenez, milan skriniar, havertz, aubameyang!kepa, alonso, christensen, jorginho, willian, batshuay, giroud, dzappacosta out!

  29. Jafter Sikwa says

    The difference between Kepa and Onana is in the wrists and positioning, both good goal keepers, Kepa has weak wrists man, and very poor in positioning esp during set pieces, and that where Onana is better, they can get the best out of each other, if it was possible, the 2 competing against each other will boast their confidence or improve them hence good for the club!! Imo anyway.

  30. CFC HAZARD says

    I don’t know why some people are saying he’s not good enough.

  31. Charskull says

    I love how stupid the people saying "Well he conceded 4 to us so he must be crap" are. 2 out of 4 goals were penalties and the other to were tap ins

  32. Jeff Champion says


  33. Ctrl alt De Ligt says

    Some may see easy saves, this means his positioning is top class, this year his ucl save percentage was the highest at 86% and he is very cheap, oblak is too unlikely

  34. Oliver Gibberd-Thomas says

    Whalecum to Chalsky

  35. Aaron Chambers says

    Is he any good at catching balls from crosses etc

  36. Daniel Soto says


  37. Čípr Chippy says

    Second song pls?

  38. rtyuu999 says

    I honestly think he will take us to a fairly significant higher level. GK is way weaker than our defense. In fact Onana will increase the confidence of all our defenders. Like Allison does for Liverpool's defense. We saw the problems Adrian was causing for Liverpool, they struggled to keep clean sheets. Even with the top quality defenders Liverpool have. A world class GK is probably more important.

  39. rtyuu999 says

    The difference between him and Kepa is he actually takes a chance and dives or flails his arms and legs in different directions hoping to block the opponent's shot. We have never seen Kepa ever do that. He just stands there like 'yeah I'm not even gonna bother'.

  40. T. Olsen says

    From this it seems he never catches the ball and gives a lot of dangerous return balls into the penalty area. Chelsea needs someone who controls his area and has a safe pair of hands. He is a bit too ‘spectacular’ in his style for my taste.

  41. Chresna Aditya says

    I more prefer Cakir or Pope than him

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