Android 11 Review: EVERYTHING New in Android for 2021!


Say hello to the new version of Android in 2021! #Android11 comes with new chat features, improved permissions, and better support for new tech like 5G and foldables. Here’s everything new in the latest version of Android for Google Pixel phones.

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  1. presterjohn71 says

    I'm hating 11 so far. It might might be great for power users but for light users or for those with a poor memory, dyspraxia or dyslexia it's a work of evil. Swipe gestures and removing back buttons etc make using the phone a total chore.

  2. Saurav Kumar Roy Saha says

    Samsung is way ahead
    Samsung one ui is best in the world

  3. LearnWithMeJRG 11 says

    Hmm… been using Chat Bubbles on my Samsung Notes for awhile, lot of these features? lol

  4. dark side says

    I like Android becouse of Samsung 🙂

  5. Nebu Rajan says

    Wow you guys have really done your homework.
    I got to know more about Android 11 from you guys than any other channels.
    Thanks ✌️

  6. Jecsali Herrera says

    Great review waiting for Android 11 update on my phone

  7. arvind sharma says

    What wallpaper s that? @androidcentral

  8. Harshith Iyer says

    My phone still runs on android 7😢

  9. Just Steve says

    Pixel 3 6 days after release and still nothing. Put up for sale on kijiji. Tired of google BS.

  10. Datafiend says

    My Note 9 will never see these updates 🙁

  11. Weston Bryan says

    Idk.. Feels like a step back with the "visual overhaul"
    Looks outdated to me

  12. eridion kiorai says

    Waiting for one ui 3.0 fuck stock android

  13. SKILL BRO says

    In other words Android 11 is a death wish for low end devices. Its just too heavy with too many apis

  14. Jayasree Sadhanandan says

    What about the battery on pixel 4a

  15. rrobertt13 says

    All the icon cutouts you showed are available in previous android versions.

  16. rrobertt13 says

    I briefly saw the express VPN icon and I thought it was the Vivaldi browser icon 😅

  17. Eveline Caroline Huang says

    I Love it!!! Android is the Best for Me Yay 😍😍😍

  18. Lucary1000 says

    What happened to google rules???

  19. Benedict Nwanojuo says

    I'm waiting for Android 12 it has more exciting features 😂😂

  20. Lenard Deondo says

    4:46 where can i get that wallpaper? 😟😢

  21. CapturedByKen says

    ok, I've come to the conclusion that the majority of people saying "I already have this on my insert samsung device " are mostly saying that because it gives them like a power trip almost. Everyone already knows samsung has alot of these features, it doesn't need to be said by everyone lol… and I've used samsung so I know …idk, just annoying, like we get it…you're ahead of everyone else, woohoo!

  22. Ajaysinh Zala says

    Couldnt help but notice, every tech reviewer is using Telegram instead of WhatsApp.

  23. ariel beato says

    Android :11 I'm here
    One UI: u are late

  24. zoheb saikia says

    Bubbles not working for me on pixel 2xl

  25. Anupkumar Desai says

    Not much changes made in 11

  26. Thomas Chen says

    Aren't you supposed to turn bluetooth off during takeoff?

  27. Buy AlitaDVD says

    10 sucks azz! Battery life has shrunk and runs hotter, and many apps no longer run.

  28. Gadgetonomy says

    All new features inspired by Samsung 🙂

  29. Ravi says

    Didn't require to see the whole video because there is nothing big feature in android 11

  30. Rei Ranmaru says

    The only question to Google. They teased a desktop mode in Android 10. If not now, then when? So, not this time, looks like… heh…

  31. Senjakala Paranormal Team says

    Still no 1080p 60fps.. using px cam

  32. Rohan malik says

    I think Android is getting lesser and lesser innovative year by year.🤔
    It was time when a new Android version would bring both features and new built design on the board which would excite its users to upgrade. It has changed now with only some features and some ui improvements as compared to previous version.
    I'm not complaining though, Android 11 is good and has made some very nice logical improvements over Android 10.🙂

  33. Rendha Taurusta says

    CHVRCHES fans. 🧡

  34. Haluk ÇETİN says

    Android 11: Features and Compatible Smartphones

    Android 11 has been released. We have summarized for you which functions are new and which devices will probably receive the update here on CGH.

  35. abdullah abdulaziz says

    The notification thing is amazing
    How come no one had thought about it before…? 😳😳

  36. Arbalest says

    The thumbnail had me thinking this was a Tailosive Tech video.

  37. Marc Angelo Galan says

    Watching on my Android 6 phone

  38. homes24 says

    There is no actual fucking reason to require a new Android version to implement these features. That's coming from a developer. There just doing this to show off how big their cocks are too apple and use this as a selling point for next phones. Because who would buy a new phone with the same old OS……. Google's turning into apple, the very thing they hate

  39. Veronika Vartanova says

    Aside from one-time permissions and maybe keeping bluetooth on by default when going into flight mode, looks like every useful Android 11 feature is just copy pasted from Samsung's One UI (which all worked fine on Android 9 and 10 already).

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