Android 11 Review on OnePlus 8 Pro


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Android 11 Developer Preview 1 just got released for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. Here are my thoughts and every new feature found within this update.

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  1. Pedrochoclo says

    me encanta tu canal y es grandioso que subas contenido en español sigue asi amigo lo haces exelente, me veo los videos que no subes a tu canal en español con la traduccion automatica graciasss

  2. Alex Ye says

    I like your icon pack

  3. Renjith Rajan says


  4. Yash Kaundilya147 says

    Hey….which icon pack do you use??

  5. Bhargav Angirekula says

    Whats the font in that phone ?


    what about oneplus 8 android update??

  7. MADHURI P says

    Do video on android 11 new update

  8. Demon Avenger says

    Am i the only one or other also hate the teardown skins?

  9. Andrew Green says

    where can I find that wallpaper?

  10. Arin Sharin says

    What is that light in cmra? 3:27

  11. Saleh Aljurbua says

    This is not a review, this a dbarnd add!

  12. Gnanendhar Reddy says

    I want know how to open google news feed by swiping right on home screen please help me for my oneplus 7t pro

  13. Suhail Naik says

    When that comes for oneplus7

  14. ekyt tayt says

    Half of video for advertisement?

  15. Naufil Azim says

    Waiting for this on my 7t

  16. Atul Saroj says

    What drugs you do??

  17. Arjun Sabu says

    if android 11 get on asus rog2

  18. chaitanya bhagat says

    Bhai shirt toh pehen leta

  19. Saranan Majilya says

    How cool and mature skin. In front of this UI my Samsung Galaxy S9+ one UI 2.1 looks like too much cartoonish. I am not a fan of Chinese phones but neat and clean UI of Oxygen UI really impressive. My next phone is OnePlus.

  20. Anany Pathak says


  21. mandeep Kumar says

    Give me 2nd hand mobile for money

  22. SS Brothers says

    Meanwhile i am still on android pie ….its just xiaomi stuff

  23. Fake Fake says

    Wallpaper please ??

  24. shaikh quadeer says

    mean while samsung : hold my one hand operation+ & good lock ????

  25. Biswajit Anand says

    I am using OnePlus 8 pro still doesn't have

  26. Bunny says

    The only thing that needs such curves is a woman's body.The ones on the 8 Pro are such a turn-off for me. I hope the trend goes away at some point.

  27. Rakshan Kumar says

    Is the font changed??

  28. Adil Alkanzy says

    Most important thing screen fix one plus has serious screen issue.

  29. Jen Til says

    new subscriber ❤️

  30. Tushar Kumar says

    We get andoird 11 on one Plus 5 and one plus 5t?

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