Android Basics in Kotlin: Course Trailer


Android Basics in Kotlin is a free online course offered by Google that teaches you the fundamentals of how to build an Android app. No programming experience is required. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn the Kotlin programming language and how to use Android Studio to build a collection of apps!

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  1. M. Bianka says

    Love you guys! Thank you for the new course!

  2. Simón Rieta Saldaña says

    After finishing the first quiz I didn’t find a way to move forward. Did anyone else experience this issue?

  3. Mikey McMikeFace says

    "It's hard to imagine life without our phones."Umm… No, it isn't. ?

  4. Masud Rana says

    End time is so funny

  5. Detoxic Soul says

    Just waiting for it to start ?‍♂️

  6. David Porter says


  7. oliver sss says

    I hope that update courses guide in android.developer

  8. conquerer me says

    While we are at learning Android, you guys must learn opera?

  9. Haseeb Nadeem says

    I am waiting for the complete course….

  10. Icha Utami says

    omg thank you so much!!!

  11. Lập Trình và Thiết Kế says


  12. aditya. says

    Great series

  13. XxNygel_TERNSxX says

    Hey how to fix android always pausing its annoying please tell me and why cant i still upgrade my phone to the latest version

  14. Anbuselvan Rocky says

    Google Advocates were hilarious. 😀

  15. Akshay Taru says

    Last part was annoying ?

  16. Sarthak Nikhal says

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that whenever we find videos from Google to teach us Android. It's always the same people. I know Katherine and Dan. They're the best Android teachers out there. ?

  17. Sarthak Nikhal says

    I would love to have more courses which will teach us Intermediate and Advanced Kotlin Android development. I've already taken this course and started unit 1. Thank you so much.

  18. Muhammad Ammar says

    Poor ending.


    We Are Waiting ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Juancho says

    I want to develop a simple math app for my students. Should I start with Flutter or Kotlin?

  21. Raja Arumugam says

    Thank you guys..

  22. GGorAA Official says

    The ending is really hilarious)

  23. Zed Zedd says

    I need this course… Webbb?!

  24. Aakash Biswas says

    Google docs is greatness

  25. Luka Šauperl says

    Waa! This is exciting!

  26. Maiz Bagwala says

    ?i was waiting for this

  27. ReubenTurnerMusic says

    Was not expecting opera at the end haha

  28. Goodnews Oguguo says

    Amazing! Great job.

  29. Just The Highlights says

    Finally! I was waiting for the Kotlin version.

  30. ꧁༺NINJA༻꧂ says

    I was waiting for this

  31. Uttam Mahata says

    Thank you Developer Team. If you post vedio for beginners, it will be useful for students and beginners

  32. Guide To Phone says

    Wow can't wait

  33. SuperChiko K&R. 2.3 says

    This is a beautiful video ????

  34. C M says

    Make one for Java. Even your Udacity course is for Kotlin

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