Android Jetpack: CameraX Beta


CameraX is a Jetpack support library created to make camera app development easier. Stay tuned to learn more about the CameraX API and use cases!

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  1. Sachin Rajput says

    does it have support to open the front camera automatically?

  2. Vladimir Peter says

    No video recording but supports image analysis? ??? someone make a tutorial on PRIORITIES!

  3. Franky Junior says

    what is different camerax cameraview vs camerax previewview?

  4. Benedict Contawe says

    Do you have any tutorials in 1.0.0-beta03 version?

  5. Linda Williams says

    Caring people

  6. Li Julius says

    Some of phones, the preview only has half-screen large, Is there an API to fix it?

  7. Strapless Religion says

    years after camera 2 api…too late

  8. Dawid Hyży says

    RIP if (samsung)

  9. Arvind K says

    Java example?

  10. Surendra Shrestha says

    Waiting for video all along….

  11. Samuel Hauptmann van Dam says

    So, when is the java example coming?

  12. Roman Korostenskyi says

    Update the tutorial and docs, please It was hard to implement the entire workflow on newer versions of CameraX

  13. referral madness says

    Why doesn't Google make a backwards compatibility mode for android where you can boot into android 2.3 or 4.4 for the purpose of playing older games or using older apps that are delisted from the play store or not supported anymore by developers? ? Am i the only one who wants this ? ??

  14. Vinci Xu says

    outdated documentation;outdated tutorial (alpha-06)Even state page shows it still in alpha-09

  15. Josh Ceto says

    Does this basically mean Snapchat and IG will look better on android and leverage the full power of their camera hardware?

  16. LI11041989 says

    0:53 that's all I wanted to hear

  17. Yuvaraj S says

    Where am I get that apk link?

  18. robert maurice says

    Jet pack compose ,, camera x android development is becoming more exciting

  19. Rahul Pahuja says

    The Link is not here please share the Resources Link

  20. Android Gameplay says

    I do like the way information is shared. Great format!

  21. Digital Tectonics says

    Android L is Lollipop or better know maybe as API 21

  22. Michael Mboya says

    I'm still at the basics and still get excited at this

  23. MrArsha X says


  24. Mohsin says

    Any announcement as to when jetpack compose will be released to stable? @Android Developers

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