Android Phone Not Being Recognized By Computer (Fix)


In the the description below I will tell you exactly what you have to do in order to fix your android phone so that it gets recognized by your PC / Windows computer.

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  1. jammy man says

    It doesn't show "usb composite device" as an option

  2. Lucas Izquierdo says

    Worked thx!

  3. alesandro perez says

    I like your job man thanks for sharing your knoledges :). It Worked

  4. Richard Budíček says

    Thanks a LOT!!

  5. Sal7_one says

    here's the thing the problem is with the phone itself it won't show up as an android device it shows up as unrecognized usb device

  6. Deepak Meghwal says

    superb ..Awesome

  7. Geekception says

    Thank you, this helped! Remain awesome!

  8. Aviral Tiwari says

    Thanks for your help… really worked like a charm !!!

  9. John Villaflor施偉民 十乙 says


  10. Ajay Krishnan says

    It worked for me at last!!!Thank you very much. I saw a lot of videos to fix this. But this was the easiest one. Thanks!!

  11. vtsl says

    thank you so much 🙂

  12. Ranjith Rajendiran says


  13. Maqsood Ahmad says

    Bundles of Thanks you saved my day….

  14. Ava Media says

    thx man

  15. Prabhdeep says

    thanks buddy

  16. O. Mark Otieno says

    Worked. Great video. You the best

  17. Royal says

    Been searching for a fix for this for hours! Worked first time. Thank you +1

  18. Suraj Shebannavar says

    ya it works….!!

  19. Mikus Silenieks says

    I dont even have that acer device

  20. S'turu For life says

    the video above has realy helped me a lot

  21. S'turu For life says

    people, before you can go deeper into technical issues, try first using a different usb cable. U know, i did the debugging things and nothing happened until when i changed the cable. try it and save your time.

  22. Welron Creado says

    was of great help thanx

  23. ΛDRINSON says

    thank man

  24. MinezGio says

    there is only 1 driver on driver list what should i do?

  25. albert says

    didn't work

  26. SIKE says

    Below are the instructions If you can't keep up with the video1) Enable USB debugging: Go to phone settings -> About -> Tap build number repeatedly until developer menu is enabled. Go there and tick USB debugging.2) On your PC, go to your Device manager (when the Phone is plugged in and set to MTP), locate the phone or (Acer ADB Device), Right click on it -> Properties3) Go to the Driver tab4) Click Update Driver5) Click Browse my Computer for driver software6) Click Let my pick…7) Select USB Composite Device8) Finish up with the assistantWith that you should be able to fix the issue where Windows computer will not read a Nexus or Android device. This happened recently with a windows update that everyone probably downloaded and installed.  The update prevented some android phones from being recognized by a windows computer.Hope this helped anyone with this issue.

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