Android Studio Tutorial – Part 1 (2020 Edition)


Want to build your first Android app? In this tutorial series let’s get started with Android Studio and app development. We’ll build an inventory management app that allows us to add products, then list them so that we can scroll through them. This app will be created using Kotlin and not Java. Kotlin is the current and future of Android, and Java is going away quickly. I wouldn’t waste time trying to follow tutorials on Java.

This is geared for those who want to become an Android Engineer (Developer). I’ve been a software engineer for nearly two decades and through it all I’ve learned that while programming can be hard, it can also be highly rewarding. The last app I built cost $30M and took a team of dozens of software engineers nearly a year to build. When I hit the button to launch the app in Google Play I felt a lot of pride in my job as an Android Engineer. Within weeks, the app was the #1 trending app in Google Play. Not bad!

But I didn’t start my career as an Android Engineer. My first job was a web developer at a camera equipment manufacturer. Managing ecommerce websites was fun, but I wanted to switch to Android. Learning through programs like YouTube, Treehouse,, Stack Overflow and lots of Google searches and random blogs, I taught myself enough to get my first job as an Android Developer. It was fun, and it also taught me a lot about determination and hard work. In this series, I hope to guide other developers who want to make a switch. Maybe one day you’ll be the one teaching me here on YouTube, you never know 🙂

Hopefully this tutorial series will be engaging and interesting. If you have questions about Android Studio, please leave a comment and if I have time I will respond. Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Daniel Malone says

    Having trouble? Different interface? See my updated Android Studio 3.6 tutorial (July 2020 update: and now also watch 4.0 series!). However, this 2020 series is still 95% relevant because only a few things changed. Watch both series if you wish 🙂

  2. Wade Wilson says

    Great tutorial.BTW Do you have another yt channel named Ippsec?Because your voice, and way of talking sounds exactly like to him!😅

  3. Coding in Flow says

    Holy shit this video exploded

  4. Andor Uhrin says

    A real programmer doesn't use light theme in nowhere he can…

  5. Mcdeclan Ibe says

    This was really helpful, thanks.

  6. J.J. K says

    Couldn't click the "Hello – -" text to change it.

  7. Matei Stanciu says

    My vm phone does not have the app icon

  8. reza fg says

    HelloPlease teach Android completely. I am interested in learning, but I may not know anything. Thank you. Teach it completely.

  9. Atta A. Azeez says


  10. MaYeRsDz says

    the only way to keep learning this without losing intrest is to watch 1 episode every day and do what you learnt then close and turn off your computer and wait for the next day .

  11. Денис Цупров says

    Good day,how to start on real device?TNX

  12. giantman261 says

    Developing android on Mac ? LOL

  13. LagDaemon Programming says

    The technology world moves so fast that YouTube videos like this excellent one go out of date in a few months. Android Studio 4.0.1 woks quite a bit differently. Good tutorial though!

  14. jobbie83 says

    Thank You! this is great!!

  15. Tim Zeinstra says

    Haha want to make a inventory app for my work, opens the first tutorial. First line "today were gonna build a inventory app"

  16. Paul C Johnson says

    Thanks, you moved to fast and I at fullscreen could not read any of IDE with 24" monitor.

  17. YONGHYEON KIM says

    Am i the only one who struggle so much….ㅠㅠ

  18. omar ehab says

    isn't it funny he is doing this on mac

  19. Matt Payne says

    You had me until "Kotlin." I'll find a tutorial that uses Java.

  20. marina pangeea says

    Tutorial 2 thumbs up. The tool, Android Studio, who ever designed it must be utterly insane.

  21. Aishwariyaa Sivakumar says

    the emulator isn't showing up and i have no idea what to do

  22. Viru Gupta says

    3:36 how you got new screen like mobile I dint got like that 😫 I just got a empty grey area saying drop files here to open Anyone plz help me 😓

  23. Abdou Fcb says

    Please complete the playlists that do you start!As my experience your channel is the best on youtube of Android StudioI wish the success for you I have suffered to find you Take Like Subscribe from meI am sorry of my bad english because I am not english speaker

  24. Alex TV says

    I cant see the two android screens on left what gives?

  25. RISE says

    Are you obligated to enable VT-x in BIOS? It's saying that.

  26. Tx Rav says

    thank you sir for best explaination

  27. Tx Rav says

    hello i have 2 gb ram what do you think can i do sir

  28. Clémence Bouchard says

    I finaly get to build Android apps, wich looked overwhelming to me until now! Never had time etc., but you got me quick started! Thanks!

  29. aryan N says

    I needed some help , How can I contact u other than Linkedin ! Like some mail or something ! I have never created an app before ! But I am trying to do something !so I need help

  30. Emir Diab says

    the accent !!!

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