Android T.V On Raspberry Pi 4! Convert Your Normal T.V Into a Smart T.V | (Part 1)


This Video is about Installing the Android TV OS on the Raspberry Pi 4 and setting it up for the first time. Make your TV a Smart TV with this OS.
Components, Softwares, Programs, and tools:

Different Android TV Launcher for Raspberry Pi 4

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  1. shnail kumar says

    Thanks a lot for the video but can i use pi2 instead of pi4?? Plz reply

  2. Sombir Dahiya says

    Thanks for providing the video. but when i rebooted my play store not showing.

  3. Salman Aamir says

    what do we need to make it ?

  4. Ankur Nawik says

    How to use hdmi cec in it?

  5. 2stickysocks xX says

    Why not android tv os

  6. Ewan Collins says

    I dont get the Play store error message and also don't have it on the PI?

  7. Ahmet UYANIK says

    Teşekkürler arkadaşım anlatım ve video güzel anlaşılır bir şekilde olmuş tekrardan teşekkürler.

  8. ABDUL SAMAD says

    How to use without mouse ,can I use vnc server in it

  9. Raja Shekhar says

    This is not android TV. Its just lineage OS.

  10. BIJU ANGALEES says

    How do you switch off the android installed rasbperry pi?

  11. Chris Freeman says

    Great video, do you know if this will work with a touchscreen monitor ?

  12. himmy singh says

    Sir how can I certified my non android certified box from Google

  13. Dave Vaughan says

    I can't get over the way you say 'Developer Option', love it.' – Very good video, going to try! Thanks.

  14. om arvind patil says

    Lineage is not comming

  15. HM monir says

    3 b+ support this android?

  16. Firdosh Diakus says

    Good Video but not worth it too much laging and poor quality when streaming. Android box much cheaper solution, the raspberry pi is not designed for this application.

  17. Sam Lawry says

    I looking for a img with android 7+ inside in 64bits for raspberry 4 8 go in resolition vga 640×480….possible?I will use it on arcade cabinet.

  18. Iresha Gunasekara says

    Can we do this using rpi zero??

  19. مذكر انصارى says


  20. Piyush Rahi says

    Dumbass raspberry pi is a desktop computer not android

  21. Edmond says

    0:54 just get the xiaomi mix box s

  22. Shubham Sharma says

    Get a Chromecast ?

  23. Satnam Singh says

    An android box is much cheaper and reliable you are just dumping that choice cuz of your content…..

  24. ngek202 says

    can I do this on raspberry pi 3?

  25. ㅤㅤ says

    ..but this isn't Android TV. This is regular Android disguised to look like Android TV. This is like installing an IOS look-a-like launcher on an Android device and saying "Installing IOS on Pixel 4!"

  26. Manuel Castillo says

    I have a question: how many times circle before It’s ready? In my case, never stop

  27. Jerry Killian says

    Great video. You explained everything so well. I'm gonna make this project this coming weekend!

  28. Valcilon Silva says

    Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Amit says

    Just download ubuntu, your life will by far much easier.

  30. Rubab Mubarrat says

    great scott copy

  31. surya dev says

    Thanks alot, My android TV is ready now in rpi3 …. <3

  32. Harvey Jaraplasan says

    What the f is your gramar

  33. newbie berkarya says

    Hy bruh, can use remote for this smart tv?

  34. Chibuzo Nnonyelu says

    I think this project should have tried to have everything in one installation file. Just saying.

  35. Kishore konjeti says

    Webcam ? Skype calls? Google meet?

  36. Nabor Martinez says

    Can you do this with a Raspberry Pi 3???

  37. nikatapi says

    Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately i'm getting stuck at the rainbow screen and Pi doesn't boot into lineage. I'm using the official power adapter so it's not a problem of power, any ideas? I've re-flashed the image 3 times just to make sure it's not corrupted.

  38. D- kay says

    can we connect this converted android tv to our smartphones

  39. whatsisname says

    I. Love. Indians


    Tks sir for giving valuable information

  41. Justin Dagame says

    Hello Sir. I always have that problem in understanding indian-english but it's easier with you. I want to thank you for keeping a tutorial like this, in a human way. I mean: you tell the full process, tell the problems you encountered and how you did solve them.That's utterly honest and i respect you for that.So many "wanna show my mastery" geek-pretenders just jump over mistakes/crashes they had, then tell others that if they don't succeed, it's because they aren't good at it. So, your way is waaaaaaaaay more honorable.I also learned some new things and thanking you for that too.Subscribed and pressed the blue thumb.Thanks again

  42. Swapnil K says

    Hi. Can we install this OS in any android devices?

  43. MAXTRAXv2 says

    did all the steps seems this is patched now.

  44. sethu suresh says

    Hi,I'm using a 32gb sd card but the android os shows that my storage capacity is only 4gb. Is this an issue with the lineage os?

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