Android vs iOS – The History.


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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. What is the history behind both of these operating systems, how did they get their start? Watch and learn in this video.
Note “HTC ONE (M8)” at 6:03 should read “HTC ONE (M7)”

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  1. mark travis says

    My tablet is ipad7 my phone s7edge android and ipados

  2. A Hol says

    I've had both and android is far superior imo.

  3. King Brilliant says

    Ive been a Mac user for over 20 years. It used to be a wonderful company, but i think in many ways, the creation of the iPhone, although incredibly lucrative and important, was the undoing of the company's original ethos. The computers have been left behind in many respects. They are now a fashion brand, and the company has a religious fervour amongst it's disciples. It also uses cynical planned obsolescence, treats its workers appallingly..treatment that would be illegal in the West, all whilst espousing it's green and ethical credentials.I still think Mac OS is the best there is, and Im very heavily invested into it (Apple locks you in). I would LOVE a company to build a reliable Hackintosh so that I could buy a 3rd party machine, or build one, without having to pay the premium for the badge, which to me at least, is a bit of a hipster embarrassment.

  4. SB19x1stOne Fanboy says

    Both Android and iOS borrow from each other.

  5. Jack Stroup says

    Isn't it funny how android started open but complicated, and apple started easy to use but boring, until they both shifted across the spectrum towards each other? They both borrowed things from each other and now are pretty similar.

  6. Ata Korkut says

    what are you talking about bro the G1 was the shit …in fact, i choose g1 over the iPhone to this day that phone still is the most customizable phone ever u can even choose different colors for the trackball and led light the only weakness was the early touch screen keyboard and even that wasn't that bad so bad the iPhone was a paperweight compared to android its for ppl who want to be cool cuz of the phone while droid is ppl who make their phones cool and personal

  7. Cheyenne Reynoso says

    Why is there a ‘T’ in ColdFusTion TV in the intro? That was weird. Was it a typo or what?

  8. sultan suryanegara says

    The only apple vs android video that doesn’t have a lot of dislikes

  9. StalStan says

    It is so hard to compare these two Apple provided the reliability of controlling everything in the Apple brand, but in turn is so locked downAndroid is able to be picked up by anyone and in turn is super open, but lacks thing like reliable updates and an ecosystemI personally would take Android anyday, but even to a hardcore Android user, I would be lying if I've never been tempted to get an iPhone

  10. SolarCaronte says

    Sorry about iOS users, but I will never use an OS on a general computing device that limits where I can download stuff. Also, I don't like Apple.

  11. Antonio Brandao says

    The integration of iOS with MacOS is simply amazing. Android doesn't have a OS to pair with natively.

  12. Ralph Nikko Ciruela says

    "ColdFustion"on the watermark.

  13. Wav says

    One thing i never knew moving to iphone was that i could no longer view or download apk files and certain pdf files tsk tsk

  14. ALL IN ONE says

    Am Android user and I will buy iphone

  15. jorgen315 says

    Which is best? Of course the phone that does not depend on the awful iTunes!

  16. Zoran Milanović says

    IOS it's Better definitly ???

  17. Spidermight 805 says

    I have Android phones but iOS tablets. The Android phones because they are far cheaper than iPhones-mostly. The iPad is relatively affordable. I have no problems switching amongst the 2. Seems to me Android copied iOS. Fine by me! Android may even be superior.

  18. Evandra Valencio says

    If iphone ended up to be a console =apple is the king of console

  19. Aleks Kevyn says

    I like both, I have both.I never felt I need to choose, if I can own both iPhones and Androids (Pixel, Galaxy)…

  20. Robert Kelly says

    Android is just as good as IOS especially on Sony Bravia TVs.

  21. Rod Den says

    iOS is much safer

  22. NIsForNick says

    when i watched this i thought it was an ad

  23. Jestin James says

    basically same now.

  24. literally just a brick says

    Basically:iOS=Faster, more updates, more stable, more secureAndroid=Cheaper, better looking, more customizable, open ecosystem

  25. Christopher White says


  26. aatir saadain says

    Both rubbish os

  27. Chengwa Yu Vlogs says

    Android vs IosIos vs Ios

  28. Rafael HD Ojeda says

    Apple along time ago : Let’s be innovative not taking people’s money.Android along time ago : let’s be cheap not expensive make great phones to take up all the space in the market

  29. shawn b says

    Like Android dislike iPhone "poll"

  30. Waqar Ahmed says

    Timetravler aka Rogers mobiles 1978to1989 brick phones smart cards audiences mike Tyson’s timetravler video tells you reinventing wheel web Facebook and ectopic well studied Steve common stealing proud anouncing huwai as bolo young look alike in Tyson’s video 1of two over Tyson’s right shoulder later ghost China 6 ghost girl red dress teeth showing older bolo young man left no choice but for me to enter the world dragon roger awaits media news conference news for truth hunting media Rogers

  31. Yani says

    They both didn't copy Android is not copying Apple because they started working on it in like 2004 and apple isn't copying Android because androids plan was secret

  32. Rudy Rodriguez says

    its so cute seeing the toxic android fans bitch and brag about how they think their poor mans operating system is better than apple's reliable and more secure os.

  33. No Name says

    If Android and apple becomes friend their company will called Appdroid ?

  34. Supun Madawala says

    IOS treats you like a user Android treats you like an admin

  35. invinciblenoman says

    iOS: users are dumb. Anderiod: users are master of their horses.

  36. Calm Beast says

    Ios is communism…

  37. Aathesh Vigram says

    B.G.M. is too much louder than your words, hope it doesn't happen again 🙂

  38. Sander Alphen says

    Android is the better OS. But Google will sell your personal information.

  39. Bomber404 says

    iOS is way better sorry toxic androiders

  40. Hayden's Productions says

    I’ve used all four major mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, and Android) and after bouncing around from each one I always somehow end back up on iOS. There’s just something untouchable about having an iPhone running an operating system exactly designed to it while running a processor exactly designed for it. The optimization is something no other company has done correctly. I liked Android for its openness and freedom of choice, but even when I had a Google Pixel running stock Android, it still wasn’t a completely optimized experience and I still had a lot of bugs and issues. From my 4 phones running Android I’ve become heavily reliant on Google’s ecosystem, but it’s easy to manage with 3rd party apps on iOS.

  41. Jhorge Emmanuel Rodrigo Alaan says

    This war should stop! It's supper annoying that some people in the comments choose over their agenda, not thinking about simplicity, creativity, and safety. Why? Are you guys so disrespectful to each others.

  42. bogdan mihai says

    Nokia n9 was eable to perform real multitasking in 2009. Back to 2018 ..well iphone is still a marketing product

  43. Punlokomovic de Vinho says

    HTC One M8 is the greatest phone in history.

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