1. Anime says

    if anyone from 1% or GFuel is reading this, hello 🙂

  2. qt fishy on YT says

    Can u add me

  3. qt fishy on YT says


  4. xd Plasma_Joseph says

    That was ? lit

  5. Asana Girl Games says

    You need your own creater code

  6. Noah Davis says

    Tbh this goes hard

  7. Football Goat says

    Best Fortnite Singer EVER

  8. KaiPlayzYT Dandridge says

    This is fricken ?fire?

  9. Captain Alex 2009 says

    The best song!!!

  10. Neverthing says


  11. bss_ mooseki11a10 says

    this is like i cant put into words like goated especially the cuury and durant line

  12. lTz Slayers says

    Pretty lit ?

  13. Gloria Flores says


  14. Yaritza Maldonado says

    the best of all !!!11!!!

  15. Gloria Flores says


  16. Joshua Scott says

    Im late dang

  17. Ky playz YT says

    Yo the new video is fire

  18. Rory H. says

    My BROTHA!!

  19. Footie says


  20. Kameryn sutton says

    hello ???

  21. Adit Agrawal says


  22. Wayne Masters says

    I was here live it was insane watch chat for hype ?

  23. Oscar Fshy says

    Yes! B b b BANGER

  24. A1MWolfyy says


  25. Alan SaidHello says

    use me as a this gone blow ticket ?.edit: its your opinion see that like button click it.

  26. Franpro XL XL says

    This is fire?

  27. Domey says

    ? my man

  28. Daniel FN says


  29. Yellow says

    That was trash lol

  30. Relyant says


  31. SwayVY says


  32. SenSor_Sw1tch says

    This was lit

  33. Ahmad Dejarnette says

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Gooooooooo

  34. LividActual says

    commented 15 ssecs before preimire startsedit: BEST SONG EVER

  35. KingRod2009 !! says

    Dis boi is to fire ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Typran says

    Who watched the premiere

  37. TTL Jay says


  38. Zachary Ellis says


  39. Blade Syphon says

    Only people who were in the premiere can like this??

  40. GameDoit says

    Hey anime, love your loot song been watching since 1k im an og! and keep up the godly work!

  41. Yellow says


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