Antonio Conte's reaction to winning the Premier League with Chelsea


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A 1-0 away win at West Brom secured the Premier League title for Antonio Conte in his first season as Chelsea manager. The Italian spoke after the game about their title success.

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  1. gian cassa says

    I am an Inter fan but in Chelsea he did things out of this world, a great man a great coach. Forza Conte

  2. gian cassa says

    I am an Inter fan but in Chelsea he did this out of this world, a great man a great coach. Forza Conte

  3. Emanuel Low says

    Previous chelsea manager to win the league talking to the next manager to win the league

  4. oiernai brothers says

  5. Real Steve says

    I absolutely love Conte, he made the worst Italian squad ever in Euro 2016 look world class and scary, only to lose to the previous world champs at penalties in the quarterfinals; the guy is a mastermind.

  6. zohravar says

    i hope Inter and Chelsea have a great UCL rivalry in the close future

  7. Raihan Miah says

    Lampard next season instead winning premier

  8. Imran Tahir says

    Can someone remind me again why Chelsea got rid of him?

  9. Roger Moore says

    Lol great english Conte, just great man

  10. Tony's World21* says

    Little did Frank Lampard know, he was to be manager of Chelsea years later and him asked questions not the other way round!

  11. King- LeBron says

    3:42 was Lampard was already thinking of coaching Chelsea?

  12. Ruvaid Ali says

    I still think till this day that sacking this Man was a huge mistake, he won two trophies in his first 2 seasons imagine if he got more time, more players to improve.

  13. Dhanar Putra says

    Italians do it better when it comes to obscure/not well-known tactic.

  14. Abdullah Ghamjan says

    I miss him a lot ?

  15. bencana game2 says

    Sampe Diketawain Orang Bule ??? Gak Punya Harga Diri. Atau Emang Udah Gak Punya Harga

  16. bencana game2 says

    Cowok Doyannya Siul Kaya Cewek Lagi Di Grepe???

  17. bencana game2 says

    Yang Gak Punya Kemaluan Angkat Tangan

  18. bencana game2 says

    Gak Punya Duit. Gak Punya Malu. Gak Punya Kemaluan

  19. Meder Aitmyrzaev says

    He won the title in one season. Master!

  20. Hanif Arsyad says

    better than klopp and his liverpool

  21. B1llyFth 7 says

    Jurgen Klopp had to change his whole team in 5 years to win the title. Conte had a chelsea team that finished 10th and made them Premier League Champions in the 1st season with Cahill David luiz, Alonso and Moses as wing backs

  22. Hanief Kurniawan says

    this guy is a magician

  23. ps1 hagrid says

    Streets won't forget his rivalry with mourinho

  24. Jay Q says

    This moment definitely inspired Frank lampard to manage Chelsea first chance he’s got!

  25. Nandan Heble says

    One of the best managers in the world

  26. jenyoik edits says

    He is the master

  27. Khanh Duy Nguyen says

    When Lampard said Chelsea was his club, I felf that.

  28. Fifajesius says

    The master no one can compete

  29. FallHac says

    It's so annoying to keep reading the same bs from clueless Chelsea fans about how Conte screwed up with Costa. What? I'll also add that not only did the January China deal screw everything up but in the summer, as Conte arrived and spoke with him, Diego assured him of his commitment to Chelsea, fast forward a few weeks and near the transfer deadline, he asks to be let go to Atleti when they put an offer for him, people forget he almost put in a formal transfer request. + Add all the incidents of Costa throwing temper tantrums in matches when he gets subbed off, even Fabregas recently told a "funny" story about how Costa came to the bench and yelled in Conte's face: "bring Fabregas on". For a coach that runs on respect, commitment and passion for the club. Costa was never going to make it. He was our best forward since Drogba, but let's not kid ourselves, his heart was never with us. So for people to throw someone like Antonio under the bus, who rejuvenated the fanbase and the love for the club after the disappointment of Mourinho's sacking, because of the "Costa incident" just makes no iota of sense. He won us the title in his first season with great system players like Moses. How many players did Pep need to add to his city team, that was already the best squad in the league, before he could win the title?Also, regarding Matic, he wanted to keep Matic on and for Bakayoko to learn under him in his first season so he could adapt. Matic however put in a transfer request and Abramovich let him go to United that summer because Roman is someone who values the good servants of the Club and their desires (look at Mata or Cech). So no, it wasn't Conte's idea to sell Matic. Just like it wasn't his idea to bring Drinkwater for 35 million (the same money we spent on Costa or Fabregas smh…)With that being said, I hope we learn the lesson and give Frank the best support we can give, because the man deserves to lead the club and achieve great success here. In Frank we trust.

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