Apex Devstream // Steam Charms & Music of Apex


We’ve got a packed show this week with a first look at exclusive Steam charms, an update on the Apex Legends Global Series, a behind-the-scenes interview with Apex Composer Steve Barton and Senior Audio Director Erik Kraber, and we take a look at some of the amazing fan art with folks from the writing team.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
01:39 – Steam and Charms
04:44 – ALGS Update
09:45 – Music of Apex
29:55 – Barton’s Music Process
44:48 – Community Fan Art

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  1. 130pawel says

    My octane buff/rework idea1 his jumppad is now his tactical he have 2 of them and they have cooldown of 35 sec2 his ultimate is his stim but buffed a bit so it could be ultimate here is my idea when octane stim himself his teammates also get stimmed and move 40% faster and octane no longer loses hp when using stim it also last 10 sec and recharges in 60 sec3 octane no longer need his healing so change it my idea is that octane as somone who was running his entire live should have sprint speed buffed by 10% meaning that when he sprint he movesb50% faster and maybe something on top of that couse that is really weak passive.

  2. Free Norts Юркин says


  3. Reflex Fire says

    I played on day 1. Then I forgot about it.

  4. Zak Mollins says

    See for next season can the max level be 1000

  5. mr. pop says

    Apax for switch!

  6. Mihyudfan says

    How about console player…? Can I claim or can't?

  7. A.o_Stang says

    You guys need to add team death match

  8. Kamikazeツ says

    Add solo mode please or else let you game die

  9. Taygen Paulsen says

    Debuff Rev alt

  10. محمد منصور says


  11. Ryan_Play z says

    I really really wish eventually they’ll add a keyboard and mouse compatibility/matchmaking to console, and i wish more games would do this if they genuinely wanna grow the sport of gaming, not every kid can afford a gaming pc to run apex and there’s no console esports for fps games, and ruins the competitiveness for good players who want to take it to the next level

  12. Kid Marvel says

    When crossplay comes out I’m going to get my PS4 and my two Nintendo’s and form a one man squad, they’ll never get rid of me

  13. Brian says

    Ik they won't read this, but they should add levels to 1000. Like max is 500, so maybe 1000?

  14. JAS Bushnell says

    Can you please add friend request so you can bring people from Matches ago plz ?????? and also do you join matches we have been picked up by banner plzzzzzz

  15. EI H8 OLL AzzHoles says

    PATCH BLOODHOUND !!!! This fking scan every 5 seconds are so annoying … and delete crypto. useless char. sitting in his corner, making a poooo and driving his drone.

  16. てんねんすいすい says


  17. DeadCellS420 says

    They should make the potato GLAd0S speek.

  18. Heart Transplants For Everyone says

    The Apex and Titanfall soundtracks are severely underrated

  19. teamabr326 meh says

    When will we be able to buy Nessy plushies from your store Apex? WHEN?!?!

  20. Blörgus Feörgus says

    Instead of voicelines heirloom owners should have finishers

  21. Mossi 1111 says

    Date end seasoon 5………

  22. Heroes Unleached says

    Word edge s3King canion s1In the apex legends please

  23. MJonMBoviM says

    I wish they would rerelease the lifeline and pathfinder music tracks… maybe someday

  24. Moises Aguirre says

    Will you guys ever bring back past music packs? Cause my boi's Octane and Mirage had one and my girl wattson also got one I wish u guys can bring them back in future battle passes ?

  25. David Letko says

    This game sucks

  26. Russia Paver says


  27. Lady Pandada says

    Man when I tell you lobas theme song in apex has to be one of my favorite sound tracks when I heard it on the battlepass I was siked ??

  28. jakob says

    talk about anticheat future improvement plans please

  29. Miles salacuse says


  30. Jake A. says

    Respawn really needs to address the issue of ranked matchmaking not getting full party squads it's extremely detrimental we are forced to play a handicap match from the start. Fort nite doesn't have that issue

  31. Batman The World's Greatest Detective says

    Always awesome to see yall

  32. Leyver Forero says


  33. robotic-mutiny4 says

    How do we get the charms if your on mobile cus i dont want to miss out on this

  34. Apex legends is the best says

    We have confirmed it's gonna be a charm! New skins summer coming to game 11 days ! And new Ash is currently season6 I definitely coming get e

  35. ToastyMango 85 says

    so i have lifeline heirloom and her base finisher should be her throwing a shockstick

  36. Alex Jialiang Liu says

    On ps4 how can i get octane charm

  37. CYP3ORG says

    Stephens best score was in COD4. Period.

  38. Jarmund says

    can we get the titans from tf2 as weapon charms

  39. You will never Know my name says

    is tooncraft canon?

  40. You will never Know my name says

    Who else plays lifeline like your revenant?

  41. You will never Know my name says

    (Eric) Kraber here

  42. You will never Know my name says

    RIP turbocharger

  43. You will never Know my name says

    I miss thunder dome

  44. You will never Know my name says

    where is the pathfinder with a core for a head?

  45. SuperChargerBoy Twitch says

    S O Y B O Y S

  46. The Chicken says

    Ur intro is like a trailer for an Apex Movie

  47. AAF YT says

    Can all the devs instead of just adding cosmetics, add a new ltm like 4 or 5 player squads which i want really bad

  48. SuperiorBeing 1 says

    intro song pls?

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