Apple vs banana food challenge.
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  1. K&A says

    apple or banana?

  2. TTV_claper_gang says

    Get k and a to an million subscribers funniest youtuber on youtube

  3. Tegan Walker says

    I haven’t seen you since your reaction channel bro. I hope all had been well with you and your family and I wish you nothing but positivity and good health.

  4. Jakira Conley says

    #Team leesha love u girl

  5. Jayla edits says

    Yall my favvvv kwesi so funny💀😂.

  6. Umutoni Daniella says

    Do the spicy vs extremely spicy

  7. Michael Seelal says

    Honey / chocolate snacks love you guys

  8. Tanya Jones says

    I love your videoes guys but the brightness in this video was killing my eyes and I had to stop watching it started to give me a headache

  9. DexterPGH says

    When is kwesi posting on his main channel

  10. Jovon Sealys says

    Make a cheese cake Vs pie video love you plz plplz plz

  11. Jonathan Watts says

    I love apples 🍎🍎

  12. marlon serpas says

    I perfer apples

  13. marlon serpas says

    I hate bananas

  14. Montekia Burum says

    Love y'all ❤️❤️❤️

  15. sky m says

    Team Kwesi 🖤

  16. Evelyn Austin says

    Try good gum vs nasty gum

  17. Evelyn Austin says

    I figured it out he watches the video and watch how y’all do rock paper sicciors (sorry typo) an he knows how u switch up from their

  18. Serena Salley says


  19. dyar osman says

    the lighting is horrible

  20. BhadBhabie_China says

    Team leesha💗 and apple i hate bananas🤢🤮

  21. Emma Thompson says

    You guys should do English v American snacks! Xxx

  22. Krista Farmer says

    Runtz candy is the 1 with the 🍌 🍒 🍎 ect

  23. Monk Sun says

    I would prefer fresh bananas over frsh apple yes
    But in sweets or juice id go with apple 😍

  24. Jordan’s Short Vlogs says

    #TeamLeesha and #TeamKwesi, I just love you both😊💖

  25. Amber Lynne says

    Why do you guys do the same types of videos over and over and over even though your views have gone down horribly?? Is it because you guys are busy with Ace? Maybe take a break and come back with a different idea, you guys are so entertaining and have potential to be big again. This is just my feedback

  26. arthecamp says

    Love y’all watch your vids every day

  27. moneymaker 12 says

    Y’all should do chicken vs beef☺️

  28. Tanya Monreal says

    Can't see the banana and apply snacks

  29. Zahmora Johnson says

    God bless whoever is reading this and I pray that you turn to the Lord before his return and please seek the Lord so you can be i forever be in happiness you font have to suffer because the Lord already did so for you as long as you follow him, God bless you and Jesus has a plan for you keep your head up 😃❤️🙏

  30. Kelly Craddock says

    Hey they r the best couple

  31. Brooklyn Campbell says

    I feel bad for you guys cause you don't get a lot of comments but pray to god you have at least 3k

  32. Nariahp Snellings says

    11 haters

  33. Tea Tea says

    I just know y’all have more video ideas 😭 other than versus videos

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