Apple's iOS 7 Controversy


If you’ve spent a decent amount of time in the online tech community, you’ve probably heard people say things like, “iOS 6 was the best version,” or, “everything has gone downhill since iOS 6.” And that’s actually a fairly common sentiment among people who believe that iOS 7 was a misstep by Apple that they’ve never recovered from. And while I personally don’t share that opinion, it’s worth exploring why iOS 7 received so much criticism and how it became the most controversial iOS release in history.

But before we talk about iOS 7 and all of its radical changes, we have to establish some context. Because if you’ve only become an iPhone user in the past few years, you probably don’t understand the big deal with iOS 7 since it’s so similar to what the iPhone’s operating system looks like today. So let’s talk a little bit about iOS 6. Which was released in 2012 and featured what’s called a skeuomorphic user interface. Meaning elements of the operating system were designed to resemble real-life objects. For example, in the Notes app, you would type on a virtual notepad. Complete with yellow lined paper bound by brown leather. And in the Newsstand app, which was replaced by the News app in iOS 9, you’d find a virtual bookshelf finished in a light brown wood texture. Now skeuomorphic design elements like these had been around since the very first iPhone in 2007, so it became a quintessential part of what defined the iPhone.

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  1. Isaiah Heitzman says

    I remember many years back, my dad had an iPad second generation, and didn't want to upgrade to IOS 7 because he said "every thing works fine right now, there is no need to upgrade" and I was so frustrated because I loved the look of IOS 7, and wanted to play with the new features. You would not believe the excitement I had when he finally upgraded.

  2. thomasharvey is a tutuzik Gta8 says

    bitches be like iOS 14 this, iOS 14 that im trying to get you to notice the systemic racism happening

  3. sossboy says

    I dont want to be annoying. But it wasnt ms paint they used. Ms paint is far more simpler. He used word.

  4. Aeda75 says

    The next update should allow it to change themes from iOS 6 and 7

  5. xParallax says

    I remember updating my iPhone 4 from iOS6 to iOS7 and thinking how damn futuristic it looked. I absolutely adored what iOS7 did for my (by that time) dated iPhone 4.

  6. LitRandomness says

    There should be an option to change it back to something like that

  7. SmartTech says

    8:47 It's Microsoft Word, not Windows Paint

  8. I don’t update my phone

  9. Paulo Gabriel says

    I always forget how ugly ios7 is. I'm glad they made it better in the more recent versions

  10. Raising Sunbeams says

    iOS 6 was the best version. iOS 7 was a misstep by apple that they never recovered from.

  11. BRUH Bruh says

    I miss iOS6 soo much wow

  12. Kyle K says

    I was in the team that loved iOS 7

  13. Jack Colson says

    Honestly I’m one to emotionally connect to the skeuomorphic 3d designs

  14. Yoshiboix _yt says

    I literally got this vid in my recommendation and today is just the 2 year anniversary of this vid 😂

  15. ArthurTheError says

    whilst iPhone users were hating on IOS 7, windows users were hating on windows 8!

  16. ؘ says

    iOS 6 is better

  17. Robotic_Llama says

    If you felt motion sick from iOS 7 you are weak and you're bloodline is weak and history will forget you.

  18. Pat . co says

    In one sentence- Scott tried to be the next jobs.

    That didn't turn out well.

  19. Elton Menezes says

    iOS 6 was the best!

  20. Atthariq Ibrah says

    Catalina 》bigsur seems pretty similar huh

  21. pogsher says

    7 number is a lucky number….. Not for apple tho… (iOS 7, iPhone 7)

  22. Hjonkamgouse says

    2:11 OH pleas no because I don't want to fly a plane into a shopping mall again.

  23. Percy WONG says

    thank god we have Craig federighi

  24. Rishank Pratti says

    I am using the iPhone since 2007

  25. Good Bean says

    Jesus the old interface is so ugly, there’s too many textures and the fact you’d be moving this with your fingers fast is disgusting.

  26. BYTEZ 76 says

    My dad worked at Apple support and once got somebody wanting to sue Apple because of Apple Maps he got a scratch on his car 😂 true story

  27. Chad Charming says

    iOS 7 was personally one of my favourites

  28. Winston Zendejas says

    When iOS7 came out I liked it, because I thought it felt more modern and minimalistic.

  29. Conner Chisholm says

    Some one: IOS 6 GOOD
    Other person: IOS 7 GOOD
    Me: is it too much to ask for both

  30. David Graf says

    I like the new design

  31. Martin Carey says

    I was like 8 when iOS 7 came out and my parents updated it on their iPhone 4Ss and I thought it was the coolest thing ever

  32. Raising Sunbeams says

    I remembered the I p hone 3gs.

  33. Claude Speed says

    Every body clicked on this video to talk shit about iOS 6 and under but never got to use it in there glory days

  34. Miron Aranovich says

    its not a blank area, it resemble a paper……

  35. Kent talks tech says

    I hated iOS 7. Not because it was flat. I love flat. Because it was too damn bright. Love me some dark mode. Glad they finally got around to it.


    I miss ios 6. Ios 7 fucked up my ipad mini 1’s performance.

  37. A youtube user says


    Windows Paint? Isn't that Word?

  38. S0ME 9UY says

    apple gets so much hate which they dont deserve cuz they gave companies a leg up in the smart phone market by releasing the iphone

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