APRIL 2020 CELEBRITY FASHION ROAST (is kylie wearing fake dior and is dababy making masks cool?)


While fashion for some has come to a standstill, celebrities of the mainstream and digital kind alike are still turning looks, or at least attempting to. So we thought we’d look at some of their covers, Instagram pictures, and Youtube videos to see if they’re spending their quarantine time in style or at least attempting to. And well, some of them shockingly are, others unshockingly are not. We talked about new up and coming brands, the way that fashion photography may move forward in a COVID-19 world, and the important of fashion media displaying that masks can be chic, for everyone’s safety.

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Those Mentioned:
IZ*One – Chopova Lowena
Billie Eilish – Marni
Billie Eilish – Moschino
Kylie Jenner – SKIMS
Kylie Jenner – Air Dior Jordans
Kylie Jenner – Dior
Bella Hadid – Jacquemus
Irina Shaynk – Khaite & Bottega Veneta
Megan Thee Stallion – Jacquemus
Doja Cat – Brett Alan Nelson
Drake – Nike
The Weeknd – Gucci
The Weeknd – Balenciaga
The Weeknd – Celine
Dua Lipa – Chanel
Justin Bieber – Billie Eilish Merch
Hailey Bieber – Billie Eilish Merch
Harry Styles – Ann Demuelemeester
Harry Styles – Margiela
DaBaby – Burberry
DaBaby – A Bathing Ape
Kim Kardashian – SKIMS
Kanye West – Yeezy
Priyanka Chopra – Dolce & Gabbana
Addison Rae
James Charles – Bryan Hearns
Lil Nas X –
Dua Lipa – Gucci
Dua Lipa – Moschino
Rihanna – Margiela, Fenty, & Stephen Jones
Rihanna – Burberry & Stephen Jones
Jojo Siwa
Cardi B – Mugler
Gal Gadot
Kourtney Kardashian – Roberto Cavalli
Emma Chamberlain


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  1. Linda Wang says

    Your outfit…… living for it. Where did you get it from? ❤️❤️?

  2. Peach says

    That D&G dress looks like someone took an xacto knife to a bunch of used, fleur de lis covered, doormats and glued it all together. why.

  3. Oki Dokie says

    Is this outfit a joke?

  4. Elana Mitchell says

    Oooooh, girl, who are you wearing? And also how much was it because I kinda want like the jacket maybe(?), but I’m hella broke sooooo

  5. Laura C. says

    Luke you look so goooood in this video!!!

  6. Natalia says

    I’m sooo happy YouTube recommended you to me. I’m an aspiring designer and I am obsessed with fashion but I just started high school and I don’t have that much knowledge about fashion brands and stuff. You teach me sooo much in every video. Thank you?

  7. Mercy T says

    The only issue I have is the Harry Styles’ pants. I don’t think they look cool, they look like the SS pants. You do not want to look like a nazi.

  8. Nicole Brown says

    Can you do one on Golf Wang? Tyler the Creators brand. It’s def Tik Tok, fuck boi fashion.

  9. Amy Bahre says

    I'm 23 and I feel old watching tiktok too lol

  10. lili michigan says

    the sweater worn by Addison Rae is from Danielle guizio btw 🙂 She's a NY designer

  11. Bald Baldrik says

    I feel like the contrast stitching on the Margella suit is supposed to be reminiscent of pad stitching/basting, which are long messy-ish stitches often done in tailoring to hold the garment in place as you construct it, often being removed afterwards. Just a cool little reference.

  12. Doris Blok says

    2:19 these are giving me French Revolution

  13. Doris Blok says

    I love how when you rub the legs of your pants together it adds a little sound effect to the video

  14. Maverick Genee says

    Now your fashion shows up. ?????

  15. penguinworm says

    I love that he criticizes monograms. It's like, is that it? Is that all you're going to do with your look?

  16. Sylver Sapphire says


  17. Claire says

    Why is no one talking about his own outfit ? It’s freaking fabulous ???

  18. Ayla P says

    IZ*ONE omfg

  19. Ayla P says

    omg if you could ever look into hwang hyunjin’s style from stray kids thatd be so cool

  20. Rainy Haze says

    Had to google Bella Hadid's age and was completely speechless that she's only 23, I mean…. she looks like she's pushing 40. What has she done to her face?? 🙁

  21. Hala Murphy says

    First, love you love this channel! Quick q…would you be open to doing a vid on style you absolutely love/fav looks? Don't get me wrong, dig the roasts, but would be pumped to know what you actually really like in fashion right now! xx

  22. LB says

    Love that fireplace as a backdrop!

  23. Jillian W says

    Babe. Why you wearing your jammies? Lol. Looks comfy, but….yeah.

  24. Mya Ruri Lay says


  25. Mon Acosta says

    IZONE is no more

  26. Bella Lasic says

    The Weekend looked amazing in Gucci and all the suits!! It makes me think of when Tom Ford designed for Gucci! I wish I could have bought/afforded Gucci by Tom Ford and purchases it all!

  27. Bella Lasic says

    I do not like any of the designs by Kanye. Not my style. I also loved Dua and Doja Cat!

  28. Erin Flaherty says

    you should talk about Enya Umanzor and her influence on gen z fashion. She is the blueprint.

  29. bbh_ fairyland says

    When i saw iz*one on the intro ? lmao

  30. iwannaseethereceipts says

    Just wanted to mention that the inspiration re: safety pin trend likely traces back to the black Versace dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore to the Four Weddings and a Funeral premiere in 1994. The reference wasn't noted in the video and I've seen Luke actively absorbing some fashion history in his videos, so I thought I'd add to it if I could. Basically, "That Dress" is a legendary fashion moment only surpassed by JLo in… well ironically, Versace.

  31. Persona says

    React to Jung Hoseok or Kim Taehyungs fashion. I love their styles and they inspire me. You could look up hobicore.

  32. Michele Graham says

    When you put up graphics could you please leave them up a little longer for old chicks like me who’s eyes & mind aren’t as fast as you young pups? Love your videos & Doris too. Microfibre is made of plastic I’m afraid.

  33. En Vee says

    Have you addressed the Dior "documentary"?…Mythe de Dior, I believe.

  34. Ainnur Sarah says

    React idea : korean fashion in kpop groups or kdramas !

  35. Ceraphi says

    that outfit is cute but it keeps making slide whistle noises

  36. Art Castaneda says

    I love how you know your cuts, materials and silhouettes plus a bit of background on the origins of the looks. This is certainly not a forum for hype beasts or label whores. All respect for that! I am, however, still disappointed that you aren't including latinx in your reviews. In this installment you included Cardi B so I'll give you that. But, for the most part latinx are practically invisible in your reviews. And, no, Jennifer Lopez doesn't count as she's been covered countless times. Let's step up your game a bit. For your fans. For your fashion sense. For your belief that style comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. xoxo

  37. pnut says


  38. Cate says


  39. Fausto Xylopysche says

    42:54 Kourtney wearing a mexican heavy blanket

  40. Dailyn Hernandez says

    My abuela still wears those chinese slippers.

  41. Kassy Flowers says

    we STAN these newernbrands using scrap fabric yessss

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