1. Oliver leaño says


  2. irij says

    Sam Cardon always has good music, i need more than just one track!

  3. Bleeding Eye Watcher says

    Mueh’zala, the Sandfury Loa of Death, said to be even more powerful than Bwonsamdi. This guy has been referenced and alluded to since Vanilla, and now at long last he makes his in-game debut. Here’s to hopping he’s not axed after just one dungeon.

  4. Shadow Gamer says

    This soundtrack is awesome!

  5. Sanlyn Jyn says

    This is Metal yeah !! 🤘

  6. Jextra says

    Yeah new troll music!

  7. Tholadar says

    I really like this song. It reminds me a lot of the troll dungeons from Cataclysm.

  8. Joseph Kim says

    We trollin all da way mon.

  9. André de Souza do Vale says

    Zandalari Druids and Paladins on Ardenweald be like: BWONSAMDIIII!!!! We had a deal, glant us your powah!!

  10. Madeline says

    We finally see Mueh'zala mon ! my hype is infinite

  11. Les says

    Omg this is really good

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