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Ready-made packet juices. They’re convenient, and the options are endless, from No Sugar Added, to All Natural and Fresh. In this episode, we find out what’s REALLY in the fruit juices we drink and if they’re as healthy as people think they are. Host Sharda Harrison goes behind the labels to separate fact from fiction and finds out if cold pressed juices as well as juice cleanses are worth their price tags.

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  1. Lee Lee says

    🤨🤑🤑LOL.. Marigold, Peel Fresh and Sun Fresh will not be happy seeing this!

  2. kumar manjeet mahto mier says

    No they are not everyone knows it in our place

  3. bibi bibi says

    no more processed foods, JUST eat real foods. Real fruits.

  4. Nik says

    Maybe the lab test can be more detailed. Identify the sucrose and fructose volume.And please listen to that doctor. That 5 days detox sounds fishy.

  5. Vic says

    SUGAR in disguise

  6. Tarmahomed Joosub says

    Your weight loss was not due to fat loss, rather it was water loss. The miserable feeling was due to salt loss and replacing that made you feel better, you probably did not maintain salt supplementation that is why you crashed again.

  7. jahd remers says

    A fruit has natural sugars. What are you missing? You should've known that. That's why nutritionist won't give you a diet that is full of fruit and foods that are naturally sweet.

  8. A says

    "It's really made me under-energised, undernourished all the time"
    "Five day juice cleanse"

    Well there's your first problem

  9. Arly Kohar says

    14:03 if u dont consume solid food. Doesn't u have diarrhea bc u only consume liquid ones ?

  10. Mossisgreener says

    I drink plenty of diy fruit juices, it is delicious and brings down high blood pressure !

  11. Travel and learn Russian says

    I guess in this world healthy is only water

  12. Hong Pigeon says

    Sugar are drugsFruits are SugarsDrugs are fruitsFiber are useless. They are basically just things that walk through your systems

  13. Always Thinking says

    Talks about fruit juices being unhealthyGot a fruit juice ad🤔

  14. Jaka Myr says

    In the end, fruit juices and fruit detox is not healthy as they claim…

  15. Wholesome Super Food by Anlinna Lim says

    our family takes freeze dried wholesome fruit beverage. Healthier and affordable. Being healthy is not a goal. It is a way of life! Cheers.

  16. dwichiesa says

    Lmao the amount of fruits needed to make a good freshly squeezed sugar. If you want least sugar go for coke zero, Pepsi black, etc. No sugar!

  17. Alex Goh says

    just drink tap water , you need it for hydration

  18. Diana Jane Capiral says

    Sometimes I'm addicted to commercial fruit juices

  19. Listening Watching says

    16:40 Yvonne Kong Ho- fitness enthusiast is living a deceptive life. She may look fit but may not be healthy. Only- fruits- juice diet on a regular basis can damage your liver !

  20. Karen Lopez says

    Eat the fruit. That’s the best option. You won’t consume too much sugar because the fiber you consume will make you full. You will get all the natural nutrients from the actual fruit.

  21. Asher Gape Anima Mundi says

    those are lemons, right?

  22. Listening Watching says

    16:40 Yvonne Kong Ho- fitness enthusiast is living a deceptive life. She may look fit due to the exercises but not healthy. All fruit juices diet on a regular basis can damage your liver !

  23. Absary Murad says

    Create documentary about east timor run out oil year 2023 how will affect indonesia and australia.will create refugees crisis between Australia and indonesia border or will asean country will react and how they respond to.please create video about

  24. X C says

    Detoxic? Why dont you just eat the fruits

  25. love n sweet2008 says

    Its look like COCA ads wars with juice drink!!As i said, if its FRESH PRESS JUICE, no matter how much it sweet its all natural sugar!!Natural sugars is simple sugars, our body can transfer it very fast & easy unlike FIRM WHITE SUGAR!!im not talking about NORMAL FROZEN JUICE ADD FLAVOR & SUGAR!!Im talking about NATURAL FRESH PRESS JUICES!! Its healthy

  26. BeyondChange says

    Fruit contains natural sugars, which are a mix of sucrose, fructose and glucose. Many people have heard that sugar is bad, and think that this must also therefore apply to fruits. But fructose is only harmful in excess amounts, and not when it comes from fruit.

  27. love n sweet2008 says

    The amount of sugar in juice is not everything!!Natural sugar in fruits/fresh juices is different than firm sugar. Natural sugar in fruits can easy transfer.My English is bad, idk how to explainIts still more healthy than all chemical fast-drinkI take fresh juice all dat, every day!!Fresh orange, fresh grape, fresh apricot, fresh plums, fresh sugar canes, yummy 😋

  28. P. Fernandz says

    Thank you for this informative report.I'm surprised that the chocolate drink has the less sugar than the fruit juices.

  29. JL says

    Cola has sucrose and fruits has fructose. Sucrose like refined sugar spikes the blood sugar and a major cause of obesity. But fructose in fresh fruits does not raise blood sugar coz it needs to be metabolized by the liver. Processed fructose however, such corn syrup, is easily metabolized and considered bad for the body. In short, fruit juices are healthy as long as there's no added processed sugar (may it be glucose, sucrose and fructose). You just can't gauge the healthiness of a beverage on the account of the sugar content alone. It doesn't tell the whole story.

  30. Kevin says

    Home made is ❤❤

  31. Bren Louis Surio says

    Yeah those are stupid. Just eat the fruit itself. Or create your own juice with no sugar.

  32. Geflunk says

    1:08 you drink too much soda bro

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