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Travel video about destination Argentina.
Argentina is the second largest country in South America and a captivating land of tango, adventure and breathtaking nature.Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the most European city in South America with buildings that are reminiscent of bygone times. The mighty Plaza De Mayo is the historic heart of the city, along with the presidential palace, the Casa Rosada and the Catedral Metropolitana. Today the tango is performed in each corner of the city and in the nineteenth century poor immigrants from Italy and Spain settled in Buenos Aires. This explains the fiery temperament and deep melancholy that is expressed by the dances and is evident with each flick of the leg. In what was once the red light district with its whore houses of colourful corrugated iron taken from numerous ship wrecks, the tango was born. We visit an estanzia, a feudal residence of the beef barons who once settled on the endless plains of the pampas and who built their farmhouses according to the rustic designs of the nobility. From Salta Station we begin a fascinating train journey on the Tren A Las Nubes, the “train into the clouds”,.which will climb to more than three thousand metres above sea level along one of the highest railroads in the world. The Los Glaciares National Park is a mixture of lakes, glaciers, mountains and untouched wilderness yet despite the harsh climate the local vegetation captivates due to its diversity. Our journey comes to an end. From north to south, through cities and pampas to glaciers and mountains, Argentina is a dream destination come true!

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  1. anıl erden says

    Argentina is really so beautiful Latin American Country for me.

  2. Simple Guy says

    Narrations sound best in south london accent, absolutely incomparable

  3. maria nicolae says

    respect,,,,,frumos…felicitari….viva argentina….

  4. Laura Buchanan says

    Argentina is a beautiful country I love the tango I like the architecture I like the music dance sensuality and cattle Farms the scenery is very diverse the landscape is beautiful Argentina supposedly has beaches Atlantic beaches

  5. World Nature Video says

    This video is great!
    Argentina is such a beautiful country in south america 🙂

  6. farg glpone says


  7. javier taranta says

    Hermosa Argentina ,muy bueno el video pero falto Mar del plata , Bahia blanca , Comodoro rivadavia.

  8. Abemo Humtsoe says


  9. the phoenix 315 says

    Fitz Roy reminds me off the Cuillins on Skye on steroids!

  10. the phoenix 315 says

    Fitz Roy reminds of the Storr and the Cuilin mountains on Skye in Scotland on steroids!

  11. P J says

    Fascinating Documentary. Lot's of thanks to Expoza travel . I am fan of your documentaries. Bravo.

  12. François Redhon says

    Vive la HD !

  13. David Flores says

    Messi landscape

  14. Michael Fearday says

    very imformative.

  15. Fahid Sourav says

    Wonderful Argentina ❤️


    Buen video , gracias x el respeto , vivir aca no es fácil

  17. Mohammad Ahmad Naz says

    Excellent video but badly lacking Map of Argentina and where are on the map of the World NOT carried out by a professional person, immaturity. full of lies, genocide of Inca Indian not even mentioned.

  18. Ksenia O says


  19. Tahia Tamanna Hasib says

    Argentina is cooooooooool.

  20. Jose Peixoto says

    trasmitir em espanhol

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