Arkansas Baptist High School Football Highlights 2008


2008 Arkansas Baptist High School Season

Highlights from the following games:

September 5 Lutheran
September 12 Episcopal
September 19 Harding Academy
September 26 Glen Rose
October 3 Bismarck
October 10 Jessieville
October 17 Centerpoint
October 24 Fountain Lake
October 31 Bauxite (I did not film this game.)
November 6 Magnet Cove
November 14 Atkins

Arkansas Baptist lost in the first round of the play-offs to Atkins.

This was so much fun to film!

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  1. Aaron Gardner says

    lmfao this school lost to my home town in the playoffs back 09 Atkins high

  2. Josh Johnston says

    Arkansas baptist sucks dick.. A bunch of cry babies scarred to play real competion..I coached at Mayflower and they were scared shirtless.

  3. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    @JGC501 high school if you go to the junior high football games i'm number 71 😉

  4. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    @mmblackcod1234 nope you suck ass

  5. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    @deathwarran sure

  6. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    @JGC501 you at the high school or the elementry?

  7. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    @SnipingKinq like yo mama ass

  8. Mr.weatherguy55 says

    i go to this school


    Nice video work, great highlights.

  10. Deathwarran C says

    ur foot ball team sucks! come to pine bluff to play the zebras we'll beat the mess out of yall

  11. nickerbocker023 says

    my cousin is #41 on jessieville that gets tackled at 1:23

  12. J.T. Seymore says

    why did you show your own players getting knocked out at 2:09?

  13. T N says

    holy fuck 2:00 that jump pass is fucking bomb

  14. Killa Drel says

    1:24 was a nice ass hit

  15. miggieless s says

    damn u guys played in our league u guys wiould of gotten crushed

  16. Dewey says


  17. Ccomprock says

    great hard play. Check out Jordan Canzeri's highlight videos. Only in 10th grade now.

  18. summerfae says

    daaaamn, those boys play HARD. i'd say these kids play harder than professionals do. at least more uninhibited. great music too! 🙂

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