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ARM technology dominates mobile processors, but how, when they don’t actually make chips? Jem Davies from ARM explains.

$5 Computer – Raspberry Pi Zero:
Why Computers Use Binary:
Steve Furber on ARM:

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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  1. Alex Volkov says

    intellectual property? it's called corporate racket, if you're not an "atlas shrugged" cult follower 🙂

  2. artur Talvik says

    Very interesting!

  3. bBrain says

    ah ok, so ARM simulates it in Minecraft, that answers a lot of questions right there 😀

  4. Chris Canal says

    What happened to his middle finger?

  5. prantogg says

    5:10 ok boomer

  6. SuchtyTV Niclas says

    Until recently…

  7. chandrashekar D. says

    Who’s here after Apple silicon

  8. HoneyChai says

    What is the language used to write the hardware down to logic gates? Why didn't he mention that? It's not like it's a secret.

  9. Patrick Jonak says

    computers simulating computers simulating computers …

  10. أحمد صافي حمزة مجيد says


  11. Viraj koshimkar says

    LEG does

  12. Fábio Lourenço says

    That is just amazing…

  13. CZmiho says

    Sorry for OT question. Is it "ARM (=firm – singular, it) doesn't" … or is it "ARM (=people in ARM – plural,they) don't"? Or both?

  14. paulanderson79 says

    Is the interviewer Mat Watson of CarWow?

  15. James Slaughter says

    "all those sorts of places" … Wut

  16. Hydrochloric Acid says

    8:53 someone just tried to access a non-existant number

  17. Manuel Bourgault says

    For those who wants to know the actual languages (like VHDL, Verilog, etc..) and the softwares (Quartus, Altium, etc..)

  18. Hashim Aziz says

    A question for Jem or anyone else in the know; What “special language” was he referring to that ARM programmers use to design chips? What would be the typical route of someone wanting to get such a job with ARM?

  19. eren oz says

    I would love to do this kind of thing in the future. What do I have to study in college to be a CPU architect?

  20. darieee says

    Would be nice to know what language they use ..

  21. FreeLearnclass says


  22. Clark Kent says

    (◉-◉) 1 to 2 million just to print a chip mask? (◉-◉) wtf

  23. Steve Bez says

    really parallels tirn roumd the 'other way'too gain 'inner mirror enviro'of processes,processors,alike 'm.i.t'hand,by exceptions?!

  24. MrMamanDon says

    What's that sound at 8:54 ?

  25. jmm1233 says

    i accidentally compiled source code on my GPU [nivida optimus] and boy it was fast as anything , the amazing thing was i was using bumblebee bridge on arch , used the command primusrun make , i didnt know i could do that

  26. Dave Crupel says

    "I am the Architecht. I created the Matrix. I've been waiting for you.

  27. Paulo Constantino says

    I dont like this guy. Sorry. This guy is so arrogant. His face is busted, Sorry.

  28. Raziel says

    Can we get a video about FPGA chips?

  29. lânchánđời nguyễn says

    what do you mean chips?is it the potato chips?

  30. thomas sweeney says

    This guy's definition of 'tape-out' is different than one of the creators of the ARM chip that Computerphile did an interview with. The other deinition was when they wrote all of the hardware data on a 'tape' for the fab to make it, and they sent the 'tape out' to the fab, tape-out. After tapeout, you can't test or change anything…

  31. Grigory Bogush says

    Hardware is hard.

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