1. Axel Erich Paugus says

    well, maybe my android has armor already beacuse the phone case

  2. No _ says

    its weird i saw an app on the google play store called just like this…

  3. Qwe Fhj says

    Android: BRING A ARMOR TO ME!downloads virusOh… thats not a armor.

  4. Cosmic Console / Kosmiczne Konsoli says

    and they say Linux can't get viruses…

  5. Freestyle says

    I'm watching this using an Android device.

  6. Exponaut R-01 says

    Anyone notice auto deep scan was on even though he couldn't use it?

  7. Sophia Abbahou says

    If I just downloaded it, can it harm my tablet? It did not install, just scaned and downloaded. Please answer, and thank you!

  8. Dragon_fire_xix says

    Help i got avast did a scan and it said no problems found but now it my tablet shuts off and every time i turn it on it shuts off again PLZ HELP

  9. Aiden Salas says

    FUCK this app

  10. Kashy K says

    Whats the apl you used to uninstall it?

  11. thedeadlydudes5895 says

    Dude you are a legend

  12. Ahmed Altaf says

    thanks I finally got rid of it

  13. Hugo Högman says

    Thank you very very much i had never get armor for android without you.

  14. Caeden Fong says

    I am thankful. My dad would have KILLED me! (Not literally of course.)

  15. Daviljoe193 says

    My god, 2160p, gunna be a fun night counting the damn pixels. 😮

  16. Eldred Bennett says

    apk never removed it! there are 100s of apk apps , which one works?

  17. Ege Kaan Kuyucu says

    10 yıldız çok sağol

  18. Ege Kaan Kuyucu says

    10 star 10 star!

  19. Ege Kaan Kuyucu says

    allah senden razı olsun

  20. Ege Kaan Kuyucu says

    thank you so much

  21. UstadGee Official says

    Oh man love it..You solve my problem through this great tips thankx its really works

  22. Joan Maclachlan says

    thank you 🙂

  23. Joker98 says

    Thx man you helped my just by doing that

  24. TheBigKB797 says

    How do we delete this thing

  25. Mohd Elfi says

    To uninstall it u need to go to ur phone's setting ang go to lock securitys and scroll down to device administration.open it and click the armor for android.deactivate it

  26. Colorful Sushi says

    Omg I cant thank you enough. I tryed other antiviruses but it could not be deleted. Thanks bro

  27. Michael norona says

    thanks so much I feel very much relieved now


    Thank you so much armor for android made my galaxy slow thank you for the help on deleting it

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