Arsenal have 2nd Partey Bid Rejected? Done Deal✅ Man City agreed Ferran Torres Deal



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  1. nurav alurin says

    Man city as a football club buy a lot of players but have never spent more than 65m David Silva(arguably the best Centre-Mid in the pl over the last decade) cost 25 mil and Aguero cost 40m(same as joellinton)

  2. Gabriel Ntshikose says

    Atletico Madrid does not want arsenal players because of their wages. Arsenal players are overpaid wage wise. For example Partey earns 60K euro a week whereas Matteo Guandozi earns 60 K a week and Lacazette earns 180K euro a week.. Atletico are well run. They want cash and not inherit Arsenal problems

  3. sadek rahman says

    Arsenal are a mid – table team at best…

  4. G10 tripura says

    U guys fucking act like you know everything about the internal news of the Arsenal rumoured transfer partey….

  5. Kesh AFC says

    Ferren Torres been about for last two years arsenal was link with him last season but his release clause was too high he’s a bargain for city because Valencia is now willing to accept less then his release clause foden is not in any trouble his position is safe.

  6. Real Futbol Entertainment says

    Watch best strikers in FIFA 21

  7. Kxng Dre says

    ferran torres plays more like asensio

  8. Heych 101 says

    Arsenal are here to build kroenkes pockets. Nothing else. Kroenke out

  9. King Armish says

    Torres? Never heard of him but if city is buying him maybe he's that good but i saw his stats and it's not that magnificent ?

  10. Tee Mill says

    Looooooooooool!!!! Imagine Terry end of 20/21 season "We don't discuss arsenal football club on this channel; they are not a top 6 club" Love to see it ???

  11. Los Colchoneros says

    From watching la Liga I can tell u Ferran Torres is genuine quality one of the best young players in Spain (he tore our back line to shreds when we played them away from home in the league this season) and rarely anyone rips up Atleticos defence

  12. Owen says

    Marhez is 29 he’s replacing him that’s what I think for the future on the right

  13. Javay Ohara says

    Ferran Torres is overrated played 34 games only scored four goals and 4 assists

  14. Rachel Boswell says

    If I hear! We're having a partey by a gooner! I'll go mad!

  15. tahir qureshi says

    Arsenal want to swap a shit player…they need to start shopping at car boot sale

  16. tahir qureshi says

    Arsenal HAVE NO MONEY

  17. Aydin Dervish says

    proper salty dckhead …tel ur obsessed with the Arsenal why …upto ur old routine just click bait

  18. Low Fat says

    Ferran Torres is £25m. He's a winger Phil Foden plays in the middle.

  19. Luis Silva says

    “I’m just calling to take the piss on arsenal” ?????

  20. mixture of things mixture of things says

    How do people know when clubs bid for players. Would arsenal go to the press and say we have had a did turned down?

  21. kane allen-whiiter says

    Raul Sanllehi once said when arsenal knock it is a different type of knock well i wonder what type of knock it is because this is absolutely shocking. 45m for someone one of his ability is not a lot. I don't trust our board or owners.

  22. Susan Njoroge says

    I rate man city in doing business Torres is a 50 mil player wow

  23. Bruno Fernandes says

    Haha Arsenal are falling apart and city what

  24. Simon Cowie says

    Arsenals transfer policy is a jokeI feel for Arsenal fans

  25. doucey1992 says

    Loving the arsenal banter ???❤️

  26. Cameron Thompson says

    I only know him from fm 20 tbh

  27. sundog lemon says

    How would you know if theyve watched torres before, just because they havent 'tweeted' twat gtfoh

  28. Zayn Y says

    Terry , Torres is a Winger. He will not stop Phil fodens development. Foden will be our AM next to KDB next season.

  29. ProMo says

    Ferran torres is very direct ive seen him in a few games and he is powerful runner

  30. steven denham says

    I'm an Arsenal fan and i rate Harry Maguire i don't get why he gets all the hate ? Is it because of the transfer fee that's not his fault he's worth what ever the buying club are willing to pay. Maguire is good enough to walk into any premier league defence that's my opinion but what do i know I support Arsenal and look at our defenders ???

  31. Nebiat Solomon says

    Foden is a midfield and Torres is a winger

  32. Mason Greenwood says

    City got fans? Anyway Torres is a baller

  33. LEEKz 412 says

    I cant lie this channel has become The arsenalagenda Terrace ?? (man u fan)

  34. Centurions 100 points says

    This is how it goes, if any team in the top six buy players nothing is said. if city buy player. city is buying the league again. almost all coming from liverpool fans. deal with it

  35. Centurions 100 points says

    We will buy Koulibally, Ake and Ferran torres. job done.

  36. Henry Eghaghara says

    Jesus 20mil for Torres wow

  37. Shane Duffy says

    City spending again nothing new lol

  38. Husein Adamji says

    Ferran Torres???Classy right winger!!!

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