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Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Published: 05 October 1929

Mathematical and Physical Sciences


volume 124page 541 (1929)

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THE first section of this book contains a practical and useful account of high-temperature ovens and enclosures and low-temperature baths, and of methods of temperature measurement. The second section deals with the liquefaction of gases. It includes a summary of the most important experiments on the Joule-Kelvin effect, and a descriptive account of the methods used at Leyden and at the Reichsanstalt for the production of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium. Unfortunately, the proof-readers of this part have overlooked a considerable number of algebraical errors and inconsistencies.

Handbuch der Experimentalphysik.

Herausgegeben von W. Wien F. Harms. Unter Mitarbeit von H. Lenz. Band 9, Teil 1: Hohe und tiefe Temperaturen, von Prof. H. von Wartenberg; Gasverflüssigung und ihre thermodynamischen Grundlagen, von H. Lenz; Wärmeleitung, von Prof. Osc. Knoblauch und H. Reiher; Wärmestrahlung, von W. Wien und Dr. C. Müller. Pp. xiv + 484. (Leipzig: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H., 1929.) 44.60 gold marks.

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  • Issue Date: 05 October 1929

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