Asian Dishes for the Elimination Round! | MasterChef Australia


In this blind taste test elimination challenge, the home cooks had three minutes to taste and two minutes to write down the ingredients of an unknown dish (Korean Bibimbap), with contestants receiving only the ingredients they correctly guessed to cook with in the second round.
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Welcome to the official MasterChef Australia YouTube channel! ??

MasterChef Australia is a cooking competition that takes talented home cooks through a series of culinary challenges, mystery boxes and invention tests!

The chosen contestants pitch their skills against the world’s greatest chefs and create 5 stars dishes under incredible pressures.

However, in the end, only one home cook will become Australia’s next MasterChef ?‍??‍?

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  1. Kaashif Ahmed says

    One thing I have learned from Masterchef is that hard boiling an egg is a crime. But what do I know ? I eat cheap biryani

  2. Abdullah Rehman says

    Better than WAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!Minute left Masterchef

  3. Paris Campen says

    I need to quit binging Masterchef clips. I’m getting hungry!!!!

  4. pratistha93 says

    Eugh wish they showed you how they made all this!! Looks so delicious!

  5. apdroid geek says

    Asian dishes prioritize taste than look…

  6. noel infante says

    Mayonnaise no?! what? that last dish is korean inspired… Japanese and Koreans use a lot of mayonaise in their dishes…

  7. MR Toronto says

    Easily the best masterchef followed by the US

  8. GR Phoenix says

    Rose has borderline xqc Schnoze

  9. why says

    Ultimately, it was the irrelevant underwhelming elements and overcomplexity of John's dish that saw him eliminated.

  10. Paaru xD says

    I love these judges these guys are Better than canada MasterChef cuz they are so cool and positive ✌️❤️

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