Asmongold Reacts to NEW Playstation 5 Showcase | Price, Release Date & Game Trailers (God of War)


Asmongold’s Reaction to the final Playstation 5 (PS5) reveal event, showcasing the new console Price, Release date and of course all the new game trailers and PS 5 exclusives such as the:

Final Fantasy 16 XVI Trailer, the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy Trailer, the God of War: Ragnarok teaser trailer (God of War 2), the Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer Alpha trailer, the Resident Evil Village trailer, the Deathloop trailer, the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition trailer, Oddworld Soulstorm (Oddworld Inhabitants) trailer, the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach trailer, the Demon’s Souls Remake trailer and more. Unfortunately still no new information about Elder Ring…

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  1. chris danielson says

    Asmongold knows nothing of miles spiderman 🙄

  2. Kevin Rolf says

    Asmon's racist chat at it again with Miles from Spiderman. Not good…

  3. Mac Hack says

    Chat sees a black spiderman : ruined , shit gameMe : ok

  4. Cyriel_Cookie says

    Not gonna lie, pretty hyped about the Harry Potter game

  5. Ashutosh Mohapatra says

    I don't like doing this but honestly this showcase was miles better than xbox's last showcase

  6. Ouskii says

    The game that will end Xbox's career

  7. La chaim says

    Spoiler alert: Its his mother!

  8. Dizturb3dwun says

    wonder what happened to the DMC5 reaction

  9. Vini4us says

    Asmond has only played WoW. That's it. Not a single final fantasy.

  10. Thatshow ED says

    Cold War CoD? So black ops1? The best CoD?!

  11. Kedrick Duran says

    I can't fucking believe how good demons souls looks… Imma cry 😭

  12. Moe Jassim says

    best reaction ever , he cant pause during the stream

  13. Thatshow ED says

    Every person in the Harry Potter game will probably be black, transgender and gay, if JK has anything to do with it.

  14. Omar Minaya says

    whats with all the lightning on spiderman?? 🤨

  15. MetalOfAllOwns says

    Dissapointinggggg. Nothing fresh and new, just graphics and bullshit gameplay. Demon Souls didnt even look that good lol. The animations were ps2 worthy lol.

  16. Pyrosium says

    fnaf hypppe

  17. Natix says

    Fucking simp

  18. Lvl 1 Glaceon says

    "Why are they showing it on pc?"That's a legitimate question. I'd like to know aswell

  19. Kaimetsú says

    Love how asmongold and chat instantly shit on FF franchise for being a weeb franchise but if he had played any of the new ones hed love the combat and story

  20. Absolute Senpai says

    Next batman should be some random race we've never heard of so its "politically correct"

  21. pencil says

    Spiderman is REALLY strong.

  22. Aiden Lenhardt says

    yeahhhh … PC master race confirmedshit looks barely a drop better than ps4.

  23. Doris R. Reichman says

    I don't need anymore my work because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  24. Yoboiii x says

    Boys y'all feel that?

  25. Alex Wilson says

    that teaser at the end sucks on me soft

  26. Element Hunter says

    i will not buy or play no fucking spiderman who is a non white guy…fuck them for this FORCED diversity shit.You want a black spiderman, go sell it in africa.Spider man is a white man named Peter Parker.

  27. David H. says

    Just saying Spiderman is pretty OP like OP in a sense that he has to go at normal humans like you have to have a go at butterfly if you want to pick them up in their wings and even then he breaks ribs

  28. King Pepe says

    The only thing the PS5 has going for it is the exclusives

  29. Randolph Manalang says

    So um, does he use his eyebrows to move his mouth? I find it fascinating.

  30. Jack says

    A harry potter game? holy shit lets go

  31. BlackWarriorOne says

    Did anyone else notice that BloodBorne has 60fps at 35:54?

  32. Rashid Leroy Ang says

    Imagine unironically spamming "20/30FPS :OMEGALUL:" in chat as if it's not your fault WeirdChamp

  33. gigadust 3 says

    I mean hulk can do that but only with the entire earth aparently

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