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Avci ASMR:

Gaming channel: UC7xyaKL_dEsjBl80ldE7z1g

Instagram: @itstaylan_

Tik Tok: taylan_arslan05

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  1. P1CKLES Max says

    so yummy

  2. Nyle Hassan says

    I had a question Taylan, are you muslim?

  3. Liam Plunkett says

    Bro him using a spoon incorrectly pissed me off. But otherwise good vid

  4. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    0:50 curious

  5. iremcik Büyükşahin says

    Taylan öbür videolarında türkçe konuşsan daha iyi olmazmı gerçekten çok başarılı videoların var 1 milyon aboneyi gerçekten hakediyorsun türkçe biliyordun galiba. İnşallah seni daha güzel yerlerde görürüz başarılarının devamını dilerim…


    Knk türkçe konuşş

  7. Joe Tukana says

    That Intro tho I was Vibin

  8. Ahmet CAN says

    Videoların çok güzel

  9. Colembye Trooper says

    hey Taylan ASMR Can you fix your link for your gaming channel in your description like this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7xyaKL_dEsjBl80ldE7z1g

  10. Radhiyah Fa'izah says

    Idk but I'm here for that fast chew so ✌️

  11. roham solgi says

    Love your vids? keep going?

  12. MAFYA TAYFASI says

    I live Taylan ASMR ???⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  13. MAFYA TAYFASI says


  14. Efe Güler says

    Kaşık tutmayı bilmiyorsun daha

  15. shredder x26 says

    Wish I had that yummy

  16. Game World says

    Taylan birkere Türkçe konuş

  17. Cruz G0514 says

    I like butter chicken to I remember you when you had 34k subs you’ve gained a lot of subs

  18. Nabil Mutaqim says

    Your mom is amazing

  19. Nabil Mutaqim says

    That sounds good

  20. Huso_M 589 says

    When he says my made thisWell no fuckin shit

  21. Hxnny Sweets says

    Me: watches taylan eatMe again 2 minutes later: ??? MUMMMMMM BUY ME YUMMY CHICKENPhone in 5 minutes: full of saliva EWWW GO DROOL SOMEWHERE ELSE..

  22. Ninja Pig says

    I am Indian and I love it when you do Indian ASMR videos. ??

  23. Aydın Kocabacak says

    Çok güzel videolar çekiyosun

  24. Sisou ilyes says


  25. Sahir Akbar says

    I like your asmr video

  26. SERGIO GAMING says

    Suggestion don’t breathe to hard

  27. btata meklia says

    Learn how to eat

  28. RayzorLoL says

    Yo taylan I got a question for you what mic are you using

  29. Sarsam Samo1 says

    Thanks for you video cool good ❤️❤️❤️??

  30. Hayley Murray says

    Taylans asmr is so relaxing and calms me down. Taylan I have been so supporting your channel for the past year now.??

  31. Pablo Silva says

    #more video with charlies

  32. Racid lyrics says

    This is how many people want Taylan to get 1 millions subscribers. ?

  33. PiePie ASMR says

    My eye's ?filled with tears.My mouth ?is filled with saliva.My heart ❤ is sad at watching this video without any chance of tasting its delicious taste.My stomach is growling for having it..?Only satisfy visually, not truly.Poor me..??

  34. Edelia Lee says

    I hope you and your family and staying safe through all of this god bless you?

  35. NP NarinPhurisri says


  36. Yash Pathania says

    Everyone agree that looks tasty

  37. doodalot says

    Pin this

  38. BMW сила says

  39. ʐaʍօʀʀaɦ ʍɛaɖօաs says

    Good job on the asmr kid keep it up one day you will become famous!

  40. Rocio Avila says

    No comas por comer dedicate hacer mucho ruidoooooooo

  41. Tristan TupuTuia says

    This is how many people actually like Taylah ASMR?

  42. Maria Gonzalez says

    Taylen get rid of the echo

  43. L2 Jay says

    Taylan nice vid cuz, btw Can u upload a gaming setup video, cause I want to compare mine an guess what I play on a tv with a PS4 and I’m potato at the game

  44. Vincent Tuputala says

    This is how many people love this guy?

  45. Lengend Boy says

    Taylan it’s 2:18 in the morning go to sleep

  46. Aisyah Inas Azzahra says

    Look's yummy

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