ASMR Dog meat dish specialties has regional specific flavors(eating sounds)no talking |VI ASMR


ASMR Dog meat dish specialties has regional specific flavors(eating sounds)no talking |VI ASMR
ASMR Dog meat dish specialties has regional specific flavors(eating sounds)no talking |VI ASMR
ASMR Dog meat dish specialties has regional specific flavors(eating sounds)no talking |VI ASMR

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  1. Adam Blansz says

    Ewwwww eating dog I want next you eat is rat and cat

  2. chris ballentine says

    eating dogs and all other kinds of animals you shouldn't be eating smh

  3. PattyBoat says


  4. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    1:27 prodigious

  5. văn tùng says

    Toàn đớp câu viu

  6. Turk Bilge Tonyukuk says


  7. Notchinham says

    The Becky Anglocentric dog lover vs the Stacy East Asian puppyvore.

  8. isma_ 909 says

    Hua PUH! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. 3 brave eggs Make a omelette says

    I said before she posted this that she probably didn’t stop eating dogs and got death threats from the supporters

  10. Unboxer Aga TR says

    Dear Vi im sorry for making bad comments. I tried to delete some of the ones i found but some of them are still in the comment section. I'm very sorry. By the way i actually liked you. Please forgive.

  11. The Glam & Lifestyle Report says

    Evil Monster?????

  12. Anabelem Hernandez says

    Coronavirus tried to kill here but she ate the whole thing bad video

  13. Corrie Cortner says

    i really don't understand all you people. VI is going to eat what VI wants to eat. noone is controlling her, she goes to the market and buys her food just like we do. but at her market you can buy dog meat, rabbit, and whatever else. this vynil and other immature losers need to get a life go back to school and leave VI alone.

  14. depressed af uwu says

    Ánh sáng video hôm nay ổn lắm cô ạ??

  15. Kirk Napigkit says

    Uhmm… i ate goat meat for dinner

  16. Chelsea unicorn says

    Who eats dogs and cats you do

  17. Kevinna Davis says


  18. Jesus Wept says

    Looks like prime rib.

  19. Jesus Wept says

    I always enjoy your dog and cat eating videos. Thanks!

  20. Exotic Ramen says

    Dm gio covid 19 ma van ăn thịt cho

  21. super jerry says

    Next video eat my foot

  22. Jojo Roy says

    Just curious, what kind of dog is this exactly? ????

  23. One Luv1 says

    What doez it taste like??

  24. Jibril . says

    Um, I-

  25. NÃO INTERESA sla says


  26. Y R says

    Ok, but all in all, this is not alright, you shouldn't be eating dogs, if you have never ate dogs or cats, or anything else really exotic, you would get no hate, the best option you have is to delete the videos you made eating those exotic animals, after a while, people will forget.

  27. Its a prank william haha Buang kala nya sponsor says

    I love it when some haters and supporters reunite just to stop this dumbass vinyll

  28. Flopper PlayZ-YT says

    Vynill just imagine laughing about my grandfathers death even though I was supporting u smh

  29. Flopper PlayZ-YT says

    guys listen I dont support eating fucking dogs but the reason this is happening again is because of a person called Vynill. He is at fault for all of this immAa admit i used to be on his side but we realised that he was using us and doxxing ppl with death threats and having no sympathy for his fellow haters pls note that i'd much rather be on the side of a dog eater than someone who wishes for someone or their family to pass thank u.

  30. VirusPlayZ YT - Trash And More says

    Hey Vi, dont listen to the guy named Vynill The Hater. He only asked you to eat dog so you can get hate.

  31. Flopper PlayZ-YT says

    guys lets thank vynill he is at fault for this!

  32. Lyrics :3 says

    Coronavirus: -?-

  33. Shayne Voros-Renaud says

    This is just sick. A dog had to die just to get eatenI mean when I searched cat asmr I didn't mean Vietnamese woman eats dog

  34. Y R says

    Vynill, my man, my brother, my neighbor, if haters, your own kind of people think you are annoying, you should leave the internet, and never come back.

  35. natalie noguera says

    you never learn

  36. Elisa Yan says

    I just wanted to watch a Normal asmr

  37. Cormac Mcquillan says

    Guys, it's an animal, just like a cow or a pig. It's not your pet she's eating, it's a farmed or a wild animal. She's not eating a human, nor is it remotely comparable to doing so like all those idiots making comparisons to cannibalism. Calm the fuck down and give her peace.

  38. sakiii says

    Wow vi this looks awesome!

  39. Emilyhll says

    Oh im back<3 mmmm alot has changed

  40. ly Nguyen says

    Don’t try to fit in eat what you want don’t let them stop you!

  41. Wulf says

    Bruh those are dog paws

  42. Gen Gen says

    Please make a vegetable dish with peppers or potatoes

  43. bat says

    huge yikes here, i thought she stopped ?oh yeah btw vynill please stop wasting our planets air and space

  44. 팬더 says

    Y'all must understand. "Pets" are different in different countries ??‍♀️

  45. Therrae x says

    Amazing video. Thanks for uploading, Vi.

  46. diegoivbe says

    Literally why

  47. XxNeveGamingxX says


  48. XxNeveGamingxX says

    Vi dont listen to Vynill he wants to give you more hate. Can you do fruit next maybe?❤️

  49. Jayce Edwards says

    That looks very good VI.

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