Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer (Alt. Music) – Clean Remix


I would’ve loved to go “Ezio’s Family” all the way, but the background music during the dialogue would not fit at all with it and the action scenes seemed too fast for the music, so the transition to some more action packed music was necessary to keep it clean.

I made sure it sounded clean and flowed smoothly. I used a bit of Ezio’s Family to add in some nostalgia and then tried to stay loyal to the trailer’s clip placement, tone and pacing. The disoriented aspect of the trailer is maintained. What’s happening? Why am I here? I decided on “Emanation” by Atomic Mix Lab. The music blends in well with the dialogue in the trailer.

Music used:
– “Emanation” by Brand X Music
– “Ezio’s Family” by Jesper Kyd
– Selected parts of the trailer without the awful music

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  1. Roberto Javier says

    With out the trap or rap is 100 times better

  2. Skylushasson bro says

    Where have you been uncookedmoa it’s been a year

  3. jason Grady PHStiger'61 says

    i love the movie so much it stay true to the games.

  4. Sev3617 says

    i dun get itmakes video that says "I'm so sorry"disappears for another 6 monthslel logic.

  5. Gorthaur Udun says

    assassin feels are back. great job.

  6. Vien Avenido says

    Much better than the original

  7. 3N Productions says

    (Holds back tears and slowly claps)

  8. SeFu2006 says

    I've never heard that mix of Ezio's Family before. Great job on the editing!

  9. Adrian Compean says

    when are you gonna do a face reveal

  10. aiden :] says

    Wayyy better

  11. Justin Gomez says

    Yesssss the Eagle chirp at the end should have been in the original trailer and the music choice was on point too

  12. GAR.갈루메카 says

    This is Very Good, I Like It^^

  13. Jason Polk says

    super better

  14. Jelob says

    just use the instrumental of the original music from the trailer, its fine, the lyrics suck

  15. Cris Muhil says

    Nice Editing…:-)

  16. miles mateshon says

    this music better 🙂

  17. Marcel-René Ortmann says

    very nice 🙂

  18. genetikz2010 says

    Ahhhhh!! Yassss. Soooo mich better. Great job.

  19. Francesco De Lorenzo says

    i prefer with the music…

  20. Showdax says

    SO much better!! Thank you! I can actually get sucked into this trailer and the possibilities of the movie now. Cheers!

  21. Tyrion Lannister says

    Nice one, best one yet!If you want, check mine:)

  22. Red Biker says

    That leap of faith scene gave me such an orgasm!!!

  23. AriannaBustamante says


  24. Doctr H.strange says

    Omg this is the best music for trailer

  25. A Chicano Rap says

    Best one I've seen so far, great job.

  26. D3adlyShade_Dad says

    so many people have said it but just to reiterate. I just spent awhile looking for a decent redone trailer and I came across a lot. This is definitely the best.

  27. Stefan Gural says

    This is the absolute best fixed version of this trailer I've seen yet! Thank you so much! I love it!

  28. Alex Salvador says

    Very well done. The eagle at the end was a little loud and there was a part where you used the same shot twice, but overall very good.

  29. EzioHanitore says

    This is so much better

  30. Romina Jones says

    So much better!

  31. Lucky Sabiti says

    best version out of all the remixes I've seen out there

  32. Zeynep Y says

    Wooooow ???

  33. SkleineX says

    Not bad check my version too 😀

  34. Alec Beemer says

    Now this is podracing!

  35. Juno Jacobs says

    The drum part made the trailer so good ! good job man ! best version i've seen so so far 🙂

  36. Esteban Cardona says

    lmfao the eagle scream at the end

  37. IvanSteff says

    Better music choice! 1:29 is so epic!! I also made my own version of this trailer!

  38. Marcelo Camargo says

    Someone send this version to Fox! RIGHT NOW!

  39. The Gaming Spartan says

    Thank god you fixed the terrible music…Kayne West was so not a good choice.

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