Assault Android Cactus announcement trailer


We are now on Steam! Head on over to play the demo or purchase Early Access

Announcing Assault Android Cactus! A frantic twin stick shooter set aboard a runaway spaceship. For one to four players!

Currently in development for Windows, OS X and Linux and approved for development on PS4, PS Vita and the WiiU, learn more about the game over at our website –

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  1. sprinklesremain says

    love this game so much ♡

  2. Arthur Dent says

    Wow, this looks fun.

  3. MalAddict says

    This game is so much fun!

  4. AramAzhari says

    Wow this looks like a great game. I also like how the platforms are changed. It reminds me of Prey.

  5. All Kina Ting says

    looks mad fresh. Is this gonna be available on smart phones??

  6. TempestWay says

    Torrent, but with this Dreamcast graphics, 30 minutes later, delete!

  7. Siu Leung says

    4 player nano assault type game…count me in.

  8. BlackMasamune X says

    I hope there is a badass emo secret character that uses a Sword.

  9. B-rapp says

    I really don't like the character design… It looks like a 3d version of a 2d character from a kids cartoon.

  10. balisongflips says

    The music is SO AWESOME.

  11. Turbo.DCS says

    Need the full version ASAP!

  12. TheMatrixprogrammer says

    Available on Linux!

  13. superfoor says

    Just noticed you are releasing on wiiu, I'll be getting this day one looks like a blast coop!

  14. Sirmel11 says

    He did actually.

  15. Gabriel Restrepo says

    Totally getting this on my Wii U! Thanks for the support!

  16. Shortiloe says

    Thanks for releasing this on the Wii U! 🙂

  17. weeklygamingrecap says

    Thanks for releasing this on Steam Early Access, looks like it should be a blast, especially in Co-op!

  18. Ken Kusanagi says

    You guys got my vote!

  19. Fixer40000 says

    Ahh Sycle, I was wondering what you had been up to this past decade. How's it going?

  20. Seibah says

    This is fantastic news. Looks like a launch purchase for me now.

  21. Sanatana Mishra says

    Thanks! If you need anything from us feel free to get in touch.

  22. Sanatana Mishra says

    Full keyboard & mouse support, using a targeting reticule that the character always faces towards and WASD or arrow keys for movement, space bar or right mouse to switch weapon and left mouse to fire.

  23. Seibah says

    Please tell me this will work with a keyboard and mouse.

    Not a huge fan of twinstick controls.

  24. Sebastian Mikulec says

    this looks awesome. Voted and waiting feverishly in anticipation. Dibs on Holly, for future co-op play.

  25. Christopher Brimmer says

    We're actively promoting this on our review site and FB page to get it greenlit on Steam! Can't wait to check it out!

  26. ThePureJustice says

    This game looks awesome, looking forward to get it!

  27. Sanatana Mishra says

    Definitely this year, I think we'll have more solid information soon so keep an eye on the website/facebook/twitter/greenlight. I'd love to put the game on Wii U and we're looking in to our options, but as we are a tiny 3 person team and entirely self funded we have to be careful about what we commit to, we like to keep our word 🙂 If fans of the game like yourself can help us overcome challenges like Steam Greenlight then our options will open up!

  28. mazzimazzi says

    Could we get some kind of ETA on this and could this possibly come on Wii U? ;o

  29. TokenGamer says

    Were you guys inspired by Capcom's game, 'Cannon Spike' on the Dreamcast?

  30. Sanatana Mishra says

    Pendulum was a big help when designing the pacing of our trailer 🙂

  31. Beauty Queen says

    Love games like this, can't wait ^_^

  32. TheBoss1984 says

    You got my thumbs up and Greenlight vote! This is awesome! ^-^b

  33. Jonathan Warmek says

    It has co-op. Do your research before you yell out requests.

  34. valsta195 says


  35. Sanatana Mishra says

    I'm hoping we can make it available after the game is out, Jeff Van Dyck (The awesome composer from Total War and other games) is composing all the tracks and helping us make them a bit reactive to the game play 🙂

  36. Idle Jean says

    Thank you sir. Call me if you need me.

  37. FlaxSycle says

    wow, you sure put us in our place!

  38. Idle Jean says

    Hey everyone. I was the first to dislike this video, and to dispel any rumors, no, I wasn't one of the robots shot by cactus or what the fuck ever characters are in this game.

  39. SkreetMerchant says

    Looks amazing! Please talk to Sony (They seem to be making a Big Indie Push), I would love this on PSN/Vita!!

  40. nerophyte says

    I love it!

  41. Sablicious says

    Good-o. Looks like a fun romp.

  42. FlaxSycle says

    We're hoping to have it finished later this year

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