Assembling of Tata-Sky Dish and setting New Direction Antenna with Digital Satellite Finder (Hindi)


Among all other Direct-to-home operator, Tata Sky is the most popular DTH service provider in India. Tata Sky provides normal SD channels along with a few HD channels to its customers. It also provides DVR service which allows you to record and pause the live television programs.

Tata sky has upgraded their system in March month of 2015. Due to this, tatasky commenced two weeks back was paused and it was completed during the short window between World Cup and upcoming IPL of 2015.

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How you can use Digital Satellite Finder to setting Direction of Tata Sky Dish Antenna :

1) First you connect a cable from the dish to the “LNBF IN” port of the satellite finder.
2) Then you connect another wire from the satellite finder to your satellite receiver’s “TO DISH” or “LNBF IN” port.
3) Then hook your television to the “TV OUT” or “VIDEO OUT” of the satellite receiver.
4) Turn everything on.
5) Put the satellite receiver into the “Point Dish” screen.
6) Take the satellite FINDER and put it on its highest sensitivity setting.
7) Move the dish around (up/down/left/right) until the finder starts beeping.
8) When the satellite finder starts beeping turn its sensitivity down slowly until the beeping just stops.
9) Move the satellite dish around (up/down/left/right) until it starts beeping again.
10) Repeat the process until the television screen gets a good signal.

Setting Signal in Tata sky Set-Top Box :

To access this signal setting in Tata Sky Set-top Box, you can follow these simple steps:

1) Switch on set top box and press “Organiser” button on your Tata Sky remote
2) Now select “System Settings” menu in Tata Sky. In “System Settings”, you can see “Signal Strength” menu.
3) In “Signal Strength” you will see actually signal strength which your set-top box receiving from Tata-Sky Dish.

Mostly technician from Tata sky comes with a Meter (Analogue or Digital Satellite Finder) to check the angle and direction, but you can do it with a high school geometry set for checking the angle and Direction too with the protractor (hope this is the one that has Degrees on it).

Angel Direction for Tata Sky Dish :

The antenna should be facing 148 degree South East (Direction), 48 Degree (elevation) Antenna angle.
If you get 60% signal strength by this method, this is sufficient to receive the signals but mostly tuning will be done at 80% by the Tatasky Technician.

Note :

1) Tata Sky was the second operator to launch DTH or direct-to-home services in 2006. At that time, the company decided to use an ISRO satellite.
2) Do not set your Tata-Sky dish antenna under branches of Trees, buildings or other distractions.
3) You can also use the conventional method to tune – one person at the Antenna’s end and other at the TV – checking for signals and asking to stop the direction of the Antenna.
4) You can restore your Tata Sky Set-Top Box to factory default settings using “Master Reset” option. Keep in mind it will remove your favourite’s channels and saved preferences. But it will not delete your recorded TV programs.
5) Most of the times the firmware Tata-sky set-top box is automatically updated by Tata Sky. But you can initiate it by manually too by requesting in set-top box setting.

Care for Tata Sky Dish Antenna

1) Do not worry about the rain, sun – wind etc (can’t help if its earth quake), your Tata-sky dish can withstand all these.
2) Switch/plug off cable and power connection in case of thunder storms and lightning.
3) Tata Sky on Insat 4A and G-Sat 10 at 83.0°E . A rescan should fix the problem if you are not receiving any TV channel on your set-top box.

Our Review :

1) None of the channels are repeated like cable operator does.
2) While Viewing a channel you can actually browse and check “What’s running” on other channels.
3) You can set reminders so that you will never miss out your favourite’s programmes and shows.
4) All channels are organised and categorized according to Regional, News, Movies, etc.

Consideration while setting Your Tata-Sky Dish

1) First you have to get minimum signal, then you can tune to maximum signal.
2) You have to place the antenna in an open place where there is no tree or building between the antenna and satellite.
3) To align direction of Tata Sky Dish Antenna, there is device which has both compass and inclinometer. But it costs a lot. (like Digital Satellite Finder)

Sometime, it will be easier if you have an android mobile and you have a Sat Finder Gadget on your android mobile to get the signals easily. (This app is still in developing mode)

Note : A good quality “Digital Satellite Finder” is available on online retailer or local market from price Rs 1500 and upward.

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