ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro Review: A Surprising Contender!


Dancing to the beat of its own drum, Asus is back with a phone that’s unlike anything else in the market today. The new Zenfone 7 Pro is an exciting piece of tech that’s priced well, and delivers on all the essentials. But is it enough to break through the noise

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Clever Design
03:18 Durability
03:45 No Compromise Specs
05:09 Flipping Cameras
10:09 Selfies and Vlogging
11:51 Zen UI 7
13:55 Long-Lasting Battery
14:58 Extras vs Cuts
15:26 Pricing & Availability
15:54 Quick Fire Q&A
17:21 Is the ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro Your GadgetMatch?



My Backpack:
My Camera (body):
My Everyday Lens:
My Favorite Lens:
My Tripod:
My Video Head:
My Travel Tripod: +
My Travel Video Head:




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  1. VIVEK VYAS says

    Please read my comments on Samsung Tab S7+ ,

  2. Saurabh Lal says

    Sad to hear it isn't coming to India. Now I don't know which non chinese phone to buy. Did you mean it is never coming to India or in the near future?

  3. karljo mata says

    First time I saw Michael Josh was with SM Cybergate's tech vids. I swear he has not aged since then.

  4. poikatiikeri says

    I ordered this one, just worried if the camera isn't beating my Huawei p30 pro. But can't buy a Huawei without google

  5. Yasir Khan says

    My next phone will be Asus, Insha Allah. I am done with Chinese brands.

  6. Tyrone Cummins says

    There going to be a zenfone 7z right? Maybe I should wait for the zenfone 8 instead omg is not coming in the usd will u can get it on Ebay as well

  7. Derek Lee says

    It's 8gram more heavier then the s20ultra only.

  8. Prasad Gaikwad says

    Will it be launch in India and in US

  9. Sunil Tej says

    Waiting to buy but not releasing in India

  10. Prakash Dhiravani says

    Best Flip camera mobile but …. Asus claimed beautiful capture from auto panorama camera in zenfone 6z. However, moving objects were not captured. Now 7 and 7 Pro have this problem or not?

  11. Paidimarry Prithvi Rakshak Sharma says

    Netflix and chill? nah am gonna watch 20 min reviews videos and chill

  12. J A D E says

    I am probably gonna change phones once my contract is finished and this seems to be a great option tbh… gotta have to research more tho

  13. John Paul Sabidong says

    I also wish they come back to their roots on this. I'm hoping that they are planning to launch more of a mid-range phone here in the Philippines. Something that has SND 730G, good set of cameras and still has a 5000mah battery. The UI has improved so much along with the look and feel of their phones. Good job, Asus!

  14. ren ren says

    This brand is durable, u can count many years using their touchscreen phone, but idont love moving camera or popup camera,

  15. mark cutie says

    My dream phone..

  16. ช่าง Ae Channel says


  17. Eyal Tropen NMLS-874253 Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer @ American Pacific Mortgage says

    Does it really matter how good or cool this phone is? Not if you are using your phone for business! Asus has proven phones are a hobby, not serious business. No VoLTE or VoWifi in the USA, limited 2-3 month supply after which phone is no longer sold anywhere for over a year, new phone blocked from key markets, and extremely limiting warranty policy that leaves users with NO PHONE for 3-4 weeks while attempting to repair the device. My next phone will be from a serious company, not an amateur hobbyist.

  18. LAN says

    For vlogging should I get this phone or LG v60?

  19. 張樂翔 says

    Really hard to choose between zenfone 7 & ROG 3

  20. Debashish Nath says

    Excellent review 😊.Thumbs up man.

  21. Arif says

    if only the weight and the screen size are keeping up with the last year zenfone 6, that 230g of weight? bruh… that is ridiculous

  22. Bima Putra says

    Awesome Screen, Awesome Camera, Long lasting Battery life….. Wait

  23. Dax Bermejo says

    wow, Josh's diction and pronunciation are so clear that auto generated caption captures everything he says correctly.

  24. Hooligan says

    I think it's going to launch in India later

  25. Muhammad Fachrurrozi says

    I'm pessimistic this gorgeous phone, won't come to Indonesia. Sadly i already sold my Zenfone 6 as preparation to buying this phone 😂

  26. Rokas Anonimas says

    a full package of a phone and a good review

  27. suresh chavhan says

    One of the best smartphone reviewers

  28. M.J Lee says

    nice mask

  29. NickNickMo TV says


  30. Chris Compa says

    Hi are you a Filipino? 👉😖👈

  31. mr.innovator. in says

    Why would they not be available in India?

  32. Ju Ba Er says

    Wish I could use Lg Wing as my primary phone.

  33. Akshansh Badhwar says

    Not Available in India 😞

  34. Lisa Yeh says

    This is a winner just like their rog phone 3. Samsung is getting worse and worse every year and b-tier players like asus are becoming the better brands.

  35. Ju Ba Er says

    A white camera beast

  36. Aditia Arif says

    Why southeast asia ???????? Heartbreaking moment

  37. Ejaj Khan says

    Pls support this channel big fan sir…💕❤️

  38. Sachin sivadas says

    Fu*k not in India 😢

  39. You Tubers says

    S10 lite or xiaomi mi note 10 pro???

  40. jonah travisano says

    Nice job, but it's got to have three years of software updates now that Samsung has said they will.

  41. Namiie says

    They need partnership with or pick a carrier (ie Oneplus + Tmo). And have the phone ready to ship within 2 weeks of announcement. Otherwise, it's DOA.

  42. Namiie says

    Biggest failure is the Asus' logistic. All the reviews and talks but no where to buy it. When it becomes available later (amazon? third party seller) there's already better phones released.

  43. Sourabh Khatri says

    You are the best reviewer on the planet! Great work, Respect.

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