Attacking Soccer 4 – Excellent Drill One Touch-Combination Play


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In this excellent video production there is a complete new idea of designing drills: It is the combination of One-Touch, Combination Play and Soccer Specific Sprint Training.

The main topics:
Passing Accuracy, Sprinting Capability, One-Touch Combination Play, Soccer Specific Sprint Training, Combination Play in a Parallel Course, Soccer Techniques under Pressure of Time, Coaching the Details, High Repetition Rates, Pressure of Time due to Group Competitions, Effective and Varied Training, Passing Through the Gap into the Run, Quick Combinations.

This eVideo „The Art of Attacking Soccer 4“ shows 40 new Drills for Passing and Combination Play (Continuation of the series “The art of attacking soccer 1 and 2”.) In this new eVideo there is also an effective football-specific sprint training. You will see how to incorporate sprints into a one-touch exercise and how to pass precisely after an explosive sprinting.

1. How can we train the precision of the passing under time pressure?
2. How to get the perfect combination play?
3. How to organize a football-specific sprint training

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  1. Zion Nualona says

    Wow I have to watch this for Sport (and I’m in Australia)

  2. F 7 says

    Which is this country?????

  3. jeddidloo says

    awesome drill! Will be using in the US

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