Attending a NASCAR Race During the COVID-19 Pandemic | 2020 GEICO 500 at Talladega


I recorded this in the wrong format the whole weekend so sorry if you had to watch this with black bars. Bristol All-Star Race Vlog coming soon!

For the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic started, fans were allowed to buy tickets and attend a NASCAR race. This brought us to Talladega Superspeedway for the GEICO 500, with a whole new experience.

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  1. Lena Welch says

    RIP sunglasses

  2. Zachary91 Stars says

    Can we get the race underway instead of wasting time with the 43 being in front of everyone @13:25. It sucks that he and other people have to deal with stuff but life goes on. I mean it's Monday and people got work the next day

  3. Alex Likes Toons says

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I will be attending the Southern 500 this Sunday with my Dad. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood were of my Dad taking me to NASCAR events at Richmond. Seeing all the different booths the sponsors had set up, taking in the atmosphere, seeing all the cool merch, and watching the race itself.

    However, I knew with everything that's been going on, things were going to be very different and I couldn't really find any information on how the experience as a whole would change. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to show how operations have changed during the pandemic and will definitely keep your experience in mind so that me and my Dad can make the most of this trip while ensuring we stay safe!

  4. Joseph Tolnay says

    Can you go to more races your batting 2 for 4 on Blaney wins

  5. Tiger WarEagle14 says

    Hey man. Great video. I was at this race too and I was wondering if I could use some of your footage from the race to include in mine because my camera battery sucked. I’ll credit you in my video.

  6. Taylors Trunk says

    Covid is fake to bring in nwo. Noosecar is pathetic and Steve Phelps is literal terd

  7. Leuel48Fan says

    NICE looks like y'all had a blast! I HAVE to visit this track someday. Can't wait to be at Texas next weekend!

  8. FreZio says

    bro you legit had one of the best views haha

  9. Draft Family says

    Shoot it down 🤣

  10. Robert says

    Confederate flags gotta go

  11. Cole Baker says

    I remember going there once when I was about 7 and slept through half the race. Woke up just in time to see Jr wreck

  12. SuperHamrick94 says

    what did you shoot this video with? the extra widescreen looks dope

  13. jc1424 says

    My vlog in 2018 was probably kinda shit, but I just showed a little race footage and mostly my journey/souvenirs. This really shows the unique experience of Talladega PLUS Covid-19 restrictions.

  14. Matt Moon says

    I’ve been to Dega a million times man. Not a race on the circuit better. Especially at full capacity!!

  15. Johnny Stek says

    phuckin' duct tape

  16. Kaleb Davis says

    It always rains there I swear

  17. breathe and squeeze says

    Did you's take your rebel flag?
    Hope none of you wore a tie, bubba woulda went and hid in his trailer.

  18. Brendan Kelby says

    Stop Saying The S word or i’ll call you an ASSHAT.😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂😡😂🥇.12 🥈.47 🥉.10

  19. Jacob Hale says

    It's been 15 years since I went to Talladega and I was planning on going this year but I wasnt able to secure tickets but I'll see yall in Bristol for the All Star race! I'm bringing a first time and potential new nascar fan with me! Both our first time in Bristol and it being a night race… we are in for one heck of an experience!

  20. Sean Wansley says

    This video was fucking awesome

  21. Gabe Climbs says

    Are there still shop and stand selling diecast

  22. Amy Shantz says

    Billy you soooooooooo crazy

  23. Jason Tuner says

    Youve easily become one of my favorite youtubers over the past month keep up yhe great content man

  24. DJF_62 says

    I went for the 2019 Geico 500 and I can confirm it's amazing

  25. Jacob Siekmann says

    NASCAR would not like me. I’d be fighting Harvick and spinning him every chance I get from here on out if I was Jimmie.

  26. Rayme Portor says

    I can't believe I'm in the video

  27. Highwayman 88 says

    Love how they were social distancing and not wearing masks and giving high fives at the end of the race with bubba lol.

  28. the mechanical weeb says

    It is weird I attended a WoO race and there was signing sheets and a temp tech and we were always being reminded to wear a mask even tho it wasn't mandatory but still was fun as usual

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