Azizi Fashion Designer Paindu Cousin Sohail Nawaz Hasb e Haal


Azizi Fashion Designer Paindu Cousin Sohail Nawaz Hasb e Haal

Watch Hasb e Haal , a Political Comedy Show aired on Dunya News . Where Host Sohail Ahmad along with Junaid Saleem & Najia Baig uses Humor and Comedy to Discuss different matters on Country Politics and Social Issues .
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  1. Kamal Taneja says

    ਵਾਹ ਜਨਾਬ ਸੋਹੇਲ ਅਹਮਦ ਸਾਬ ਜੀ ਵਾਹ ਜਨਾਬ ਜੀ

  2. Snow Moon says

    Eid pe phr khyal aya k tailor vs fashion designer ko dekhon ?

  3. Jaswinder Kaur says


  4. Aspirants The world of biology says

    This is also one of the best video of your sohail sir..??????

  5. Imran Qasim says

    That was great episode

  6. Irsa Khan says

    Jo kch ban jata ha wo wapis pind ni jata.right

  7. Aqeel Turabi says


  8. Adeel Ahmed says

    Mere city ka proud sohail Ahmad

  9. Harjit singh Tandon says

    Fantastic Azizi

  10. Iftikhar Ahmed says


  11. farah rasheed says

    Excellent ?

  12. ZIMMAL HAYAT says


  13. wakeel Khan says


  14. Syna Singha says

    Amazing, brilliant, outstanding, marvellous act

  15. pak lover says

    Ha ha ha ktni bar b dekho dil nai bharta ZVS my all time fvrt character ?????❤

  16. вιlal gυjjar says

    Aadhey se ZyaDa Comments tw Indians ki hain… Thank U Neighbors ?

  17. Zoobz Jaral says

    Salam ha Azizi ap p kea kamal ki acting ha ??

  18. mubashir mehmood says

    MashAllah Allah pak apko hamesha kamyab kry

  19. intelligent TV says

    نادیہ صاحبہ بہت خوب صورت

  20. AJAY 71 says

    Aziz Saheb please come India in Bollywood comedy

  21. Aspirants The world of biology says

    Splendid actor…Out of the world..Superb??????

  22. sameer hassan says

    sohail sir you are brilient ??

  23. mana patti says

    Laughter the best medicine,,, Suhail sir proved it. ,All best prayers for him ,, life health wealth & more success ,,

  24. Mehar Fatima says

    Kai dafa dekh chuki hoon.har dafa maza aata hy.

  25. Farwa Naqvi says

    What a brilliant actor he is. May Allah bless him with long and healthy life. He keeps us entertained.

  26. ROSY SINGH says


  27. prabha Pandey says

    I'm fan of azizi

  28. nazil naqvi says

    Missed you nazia

  29. Majid Khan says

    Most versatile actor of my country.

  30. RIYAN ZIA says


  31. Khursheed Ahmad says

    Wah kemal ker diya 2 actr ny.very good.

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