Bad Computer – Disarray [Monstercat Release]


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Genre: House

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  1. Monstercat: Uncaged says

    Another entry for Bad Computer who has quickly become a Family favourite!

  2. Elijah Lee says

    Why isnt this in rocket league yet??? That is a question that has not been answered yet 😎😏

  3. Lucas Gonzalez says

    I'm a simple man I see bad computer I click

  4. Mason Ostrander says

    somehow thats a soft beat

  5. Coradiodox Plays says

    SiLeNt AsSaSiN on roblox

  6. Kaguya AAh says

    Im from Marmok

  7. Alexander B says

    Супер, мне нравится трек!

  8. Rodrigo Pereira says

    Love this music, love Bad Computer

  9. 4G says

    Whats the price of this computer?

  10. Razzle dazzle SCREE- says

    probably my favorite from bad computer 🙂

  11. Debraj Ghosh says

    All computers are good computers, Including bad computer 🙂

  12. Nicolas Willy Pretko says

    So relatable

  13. Cyberpunk rockstar says

    Imagine your a citizen of a cyberpunk city on the run from police because you been framed for a murder and your listening to this while it is happening… inhale exhale nice

  14. Timothy White says

    The Doo made this song incredible

  15. gmd fire says

    Good computer by neganlo but oppisist day

  16. Andreas Hoffmann says

    D I S @ R R @ Y

  17. Noah Magana says

    Real good. I loved it.

  18. A Random Video says

    just so much fun remixing this in electronauts

  19. nina jetha says

    Me playing silent assassin after a round this song comes LOVE IF

  20. TheTeaGrinder says

    Brings me tears of joy and nostalgia

  21. Jenny GH says

    Me encanta / i love it❤

  22. Sime Arsov says

    Throwback Wednesday.

  23. Will914 says

    0:37 – Clockwork vibes

  24. PIXEL BANDIT says

    Omg this is crazy and sounds very unique and different

  25. Tech-San ANONYMOUS says

    man it feels like 2018 didn't exist

  26. ClippedWings22 says

    TheDooo Want To Know Your Location

  27. JayWasHere says

    Someone just swallowed their headphones

  28. Official _ says

    Bad computer this is good music👍

  29. lunecker says

    its really calm, should be on instinct imo (yeah, i know, heavy sounds in the drops, but still)

  30. Meyran Abdullahi says

    Now we waiting for him in march

  31. Tupolev Tu-95 says

    Can't believe it's already been 2 years since this tbh

  32. Timothy White says

    TheDooo did a amazing remix with this song

  33. VENiX says

    programming while listening to this lul

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