Baked Lemon Garlic Chicken Drumsticks | The Mediterranean Dish


These chicken drumsticks are loaded with Mediterranean flavors including lemon, garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil.


? 10 to 12 chicken drumsticks (bone in, skin on)
? Kosher salt
? 1 tbsp dry oregano
? 1 tbsp black pepper
? 1 1/2 tsp coriander
? 1 tsp paprika
? 1/2 tsp cumin
? 1 head garlic (about 12 garlic cloves), peeled and chopped
? 1 medium yellow onion, cut into wedges
? Zest and juice of 2 lemons + 1 lemon sliced
? 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (I used Private Reserve Greek olive oil)

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  1. dan020350 says


  2. Sittie Aysa Usman says

    What if my oven doesnt have up to 400 F temp.? Mine has up to only 250F?

  3. OnAirVoice says

    Looks delicious! The website link isn’t working 🙁

  4. Jessica Solomon says

    I made this today! It's the first time I actually cooked or baked something ever! This was so easy and flavourful! Amazing amazing recipe!

  5. Amit Surve, M.D. says

    Tried it and loved it! Thanks for sharing this recipe

  6. Haley patricia rose Johnson says

    Beauitfull..another great idea for mex

  7. Ilirjeta Dakaj says

    Best chicken I’ve ever cooked, it tastes amazing ??

  8. Sarah Love says

    Making this today love you???

  9. Rayla T. says

    Made this with my friends and the chicken came out so DELCIOUS nd juicy!!!! It was AMAZING! Served it with jasmin rice and grilled zuchinni.

  10. Erika Linker says

    What was the measurements for the seasonings?

  11. Jamila Zainalabid says

    It’s been so long time nice to see you. I love chicken ? need more chicken recipes ?

  12. Kealoha Borge says

    My hubby loved ( and he doesn't have to follow Med. Diet) thanks Suzy it turned out great !?

  13. Kealoha Borge says

    Going to try tonight ! Yum

  14. Novie Nov says

    How much lemon juice, two whole lemon ?

  15. A Butt says

    How much salt you add

  16. Liliana Delgado says

    I just made this recipe aaaaaannddd it was amazing!!!!!!! My husband also wants to thank you! I am not a good cook but I am learning and even in my entry level status I was able to recreate this. Thank you so much! We are adding it to our favorites! ❤??❤

  17. Sassy Lass says

    Doesnt the garlic burn while cooking?

  18. kaetlinn says

    if i dont have coriander, is that ok?

  19. Mimmo G says

    Extra virgin only use for condiment, smoke point is very low

  20. Rowena Carbon says

    Cooking it fir 30 mins at what oven temperature pls.?

  21. Elaine Marie Smith says

    Looks so yummy! Making this for dinner tonight. Have already made many of your recipes and loved them all. Would love to see you do a chicken kabsa recipe. I know it is a Gulf dish but it uses so many of the same delicious spices you use frequently.

  22. 0aklandRaiders4Lyf says

    Welp, you almost had me…just as a rule of thumb….never trust a doctor who's office plants have died…. comparing a "chef", I can't trust a cook who's 'fresh' herbs (showcased on the counter) have died ???‍♂️

  23. Atour S says

    Sounds good but I have always heard that we should not be cooking with olive oil on high heat!

  24. Tanya Vav says

    TY for this great recipe! I'll make this after my Greek Easter Looks so delicious.

  25. Phyllis Rutherford says

    Sounds so good!

  26. lencamacho says

    This looks like Sunday dinner! And glad I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of massaging in my marinades ?

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