Balloon Fashion Show


Balloon Fashion Show at the Balloon Camp Convention in Las Vegas. Many Balloon Artists from around the world were there to show their talent. To see more balloon art go to

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  1. Виктория Файзрахманова says


  2. Léa Lake says

    Why am I only now finding this. 2019. Ten years late… 😂

  3. oSaucySlxsh says

    What is this video

  4. Rissey says

    this is very unquie

  5. Protocall13o2 says

    A Saboteur will only need a needle. O_o

  6. Don Hartman says

    agree with sasutomato. irritating as hell video editing.

  7. CarrotHeart says

    cool balloon fashion. Annoying video editing.

  8. Lillian Bondarenko says

    The show is very creative. The zooming and flashing image of the video movement gives me a headache though.

  9. Haneeya .A says

    Very unflattering

  10. Balloon City USA says

    Yes Im sure there will be

  11. Raymound Gunn says

    Will there be another one like this in the future?

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