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Our banana bread is one of the most popular, and well-reviewed videos we’ve ever posted, so when I got the idea to do banana bread pancakes, I decided to use that lovely loaf as the base recipe, and the results were fabulous. Enjoy!

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  1. Cyb-beebies says

    Hello Vanilla.

  2. Dave Bo9 says

    You will need to add milk every few minutes to your batter. It thickens as it sits.

  3. Wayne Sitarz says

    Eating pancakes one at a time is weird John.

  4. Simone Giuggioloni says

    Why do you have the half in the bag jingle

    (Yes I know it's probably royalty free music I'm just teasing)

  5. Jaybrn says

    Craig Mack! Oh John!

  6. Paavo Pyykkönen says

    I wish you would make charlotte russe one day. I saw a picture of the dessert in my granny's cookbook 40 years ago and I've never seen the dish made. Let alone tasted it.

  7. David Howard says

    I ate them for breakfast this morning and they are excellent just as shown. I will make a couple of personal tweaks next time, but they are fine diner quality as is… Thank you

  8. AstrologywithKalidas says

    Keep it real bro!!! Love it man. LOL to the max.

  9. TerraPosse says

    For all the diabetics that would like to enjoy these, replace white sugar with Xylitol 1 : 1. Tastes sweet without any 'chemical' aftertaste and when I use it in cakes people don't believe me when I tell them they eat a sugar-free product.

  10. Ten 10 says

    =) – vanilla

  11. RebeccaPeek1989 says

    Just made these, they are superdelicious❤ will make them again!

  12. Potato says

    Made this just now with some ripe plantains

  13. dan tatsenko says

    i love the way he talks lmaoooo

  14. BijutsuYoukai says

    Made this as part of a breakfast-for-dinner tonight and they are really good. Nice texture and they really do taste like banana bread.

  15. yougeekyou says

    I think the quantities are off in the printed recipe.. like others, my batter came out WAY too thick and I had to thin with more milk.

  16. Gj MacDermaid says

    Substitute for egg? (daughter has egg sensitivity).

  17. Martin Renzhofer says

    I didn't wear my glasses I misread the flour amount and used 1 1/2 cups. Still, despite the denseness of the batter, the cakes still tasted good.

  18. Michael Crumpton says

    I have made some similar to these but without the egg ( the banana sticks it all together) and they are delicious.

  19. Branjiebelle says

    All layers must be doused in maple syrup 😋

  20. Matthew Flanagan says

    What?! No cayenne????

  21. MrGenenmi says

    That intonation is quite annoying

  22. Zestful says

    These look yummy but make sure you have a full pack of sugar to make

  23. William Woody says

    Holy moly-I gotta figure out a way to do this as bananas Foster.

  24. NaturalFlirtGamer says

    Oh boy oh boy do those look good! This will be today's brunch for sure… maybe with a little bit of cinnamon in them? And for some weekend in winter, maybe a few frozen blueberries snuck in that batter. Really nice!

  25. Kristin W. says

    Great tutorial video – thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!

  26. lonipooh82 says

    Craig Mac!? Flava in ya ear?! 🤣🤣🤣 How Sway?

  27. Kyle says

    I just made these and the batter came out a little too thick I think, should I have just added a little more milk to thin them out?

  28. Nathan Danner says

    If you want to be like Elvis add peanut butter and bacon.

  29. AvsB25 says

    Just tried them this morning and Oh my Sweet Goodness! Chef John has done it again! Every bite was full of happiness.

  30. JuJu Dash says

    The craig Mack reference just earned u 50 cool points with me! 😅😅

  31. Get Your Feel Good Back! B Jones says

    Lol smiling food

  32. Anju Maaka says

    "A little touch of white sugar" –> Throws in enough to make the mix 50% sugar by volume…

  33. Christine Agnew says

    whip cream! John, where's the whip cream!!!!

  34. Anthony C says

    As a foodie and old school hip-hop head, that Craig Mack "Flava In your ear" reference had me shaking my head smiling. Bravo, Chef John.

  35. Super S Patrick says

    PLEASE make GINGERBREAD PANCAKES. I have never had them but I bet they are amazing and I would copy making it from you!!!

  36. Sarah Hudson says

    Just cooked up a double batch of these for dinner (because we can't go to IHOP 😭). These taste terrific and are really hearty!

  37. LauraNYC says

    Sunday breakfast 🥞👍🏻

  38. Nate Blake says

    "But I would walk 500 miles

    And I would walk 500 more

    Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles

    To fall down at your door"

  39. Jaycie Victory says

    Do you really need an egg when banana is already a binder and you have baking powder for rising? 🤔

  40. Randy Attwood says

    Had a banana I was about to throw out, but made this instead. Loved it!

  41. the iCloud says

    Holy shit a Craig Mack reference???

  42. Jim Dent says

    Why are you frying in butter? You already have lots in the batter. I use a cast iron skillet for pancakes, and I cook in a dry pan. Meaning no oil or butter is used. I find that frying in butter is too easy to burn the butter, and it's not nearly as healthy.

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