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Banff, located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, is one part resort town and one part breathtaking natural retreat.

Life is a little different at over 4,600 feet in elevation—by the way, that makes Banff Canada’s highest town. During your Banff sightseeing, you’ll learn that the town’s residents and visitors are a lively bunch, and you’ll find the local businesses are perfect for this festive crowd. Choose from over 100 restaurants to dine at, or stop by one or two of the dozens of pubs and cafes for an inexpensive snack and drink after walking through the many boutiques. You can also enjoy a marvelous time after the sun goes down; try dancing the night away at the Dancing Sasquatch, or visiting one of Banff’s other nightclubs.

Banff National Park is known for its wildlife, some of which frequents Banff itself. You’ll often spot deer at the outskirts of town, some of which are friendly and curious about people. Once you say hello to the deer, make the drive to nearby Johnston Canyon, where you can take in snow-capped alpine scenery straight out of a fairy tale.

Warm up after all this time spent outside: head to the Banff Upper Hot Springs. This exquisite spa has treated visitors to hot water and stunning views of the Rockies for over a century, and will continue to do so for a century to come.

What will you do on your Banff tour?

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  1. Durangos pelo mundo!!!! says
  2. Denver Garcia says

    1:25 So funny

  3. The Gaming Samurai says


  4. Pratyusha Goes GaGa says

    Its beautiful.

  5. Ajmal Shah says

    spectacular panoramic specially in summer

  6. Conor Compston says

    I remember watching this video 3 years ago and who would have thought I’d be living out here 2 1/2 years now, love this place! If anyone wants to check out my vlogs I show off the place from a locals perspective, thanks!

  7. Life Is Beautiful says

    Someone told me Banff is simillar to Queenstown New zealand, After looking at this video, I can say, You cant compare Queenstown with Banff, Queenstown is Just PURE HEAVEN, Banff is not even close to it lol

  8. Adriyanti says

    The vibe is like the hogsmeade… but this town is faar moooore beautiful includes the mountain and lake louise as well♥️♥️♥️

  9. Dương Trần says

    high up in Alberta's Rocky Mountains


    that gives you all the fun and excitement of a major resort town


    surrounded by pristine Canadian wilderness.


    The township is located within Banff National Park,


    and at more than 1,800 metres it is the highest town in Canada.


    Banff is a friendly and welcoming town

  10. Conor Compston says

    This video was the source of the first information I gathered on Banff , I’ve been living here over 2 years now and have just started vlogging if anyone would like to gain an insight into what it’s like living here, I have lots of content on the way!

  11. Lovely Places To Visit says

    Beautiful city, so charming with snow on the streets! 🌨️❄️👌💕

  12. best of the best says

    i saw this video on another channel long time ago when i behan learning english….was it called take me to " that youtube channel????

  13. Wisely Ong says

    I am glad I was at Banff and Jasper a year ago. Beautiful place basked in splendor. And you will never feel like you are in a touristy crowded spot. It is just you and nature.

  14. Bob L’eponge says

    Do Calgary next please

  15. Linas Marcinkevičius says

    Heaven on Earth! 🙂

  16. Mr. Green says

    I’m planning on going there with my GF for a week to hike. Is it expensive to stay there?

  17. Bhimavaram Ammayi says


  18. Sean B158 says

    Banff looks an amazing place!

  19. Irene Duke says

    Must see! The drive to Banff thru the Rockies was a heart stopper for me, but it was worth it. Gorgeous place…

  20. HKI says

    Most people are obsessed with tropical paradise..I'm obsessed with alpine paradise.

  21. CanadaAuroraBorealis says

    I am Western Canadian, and have been a fan of Banff and the Canadian Rockies for 50 years, and I worked in Banff in the tourism industry for 10 years. I like this video, I think it portrays the Town and the Park very well, although you should make it clear that this video is filmed in winter, and in summer the snow melts in town by April 1, and from all but the highest mountain tops by August.

  22. damion 664 Abraham says

    I can say I traveled to banff winter 2019🔥🙌

  23. Andrew Ngo says

    It’s peaceful and quiet. I live here all my life and travel many places. No place like home.

  24. Sweet fairy says

    Lovely Canada 😍❤

  25. Benny L says


  26. Phoebe Grigor says

    I’ll see you in a few weeks, Banff ✌🏼

  27. Tenzack YOGI says

    Nostalgic Music and beautiful eye popping landscapes.

  28. Papia Rizwan says

    Banff is incredible and has a lot more awesomeness to offer than what this video covers.

  29. apoc35 says

    Had the pleasure of visiting Banff twice now and the Video was right in 1 regard. I didn't want to leave both times!

  30. N says

    i went to Banff 8 years ago and i've been missing here so much!!!!!!

  31. Hamza Ahmad says

    Gilgit baltistan(Pakistan) is more beautiful than banff but banff is also beautiful

  32. frawldog says

    🇨🇦 ♥️

  33. Zeriga Mestenkih says

    But so cold

  34. Zyrex Ganit says

    I wanna go there someday

  35. Srikar Samudrala says


  36. rocknroller1986 says

    So proud to call it home 🙂

  37. Mohd Ashraf Raza says

    I live canada I want to going Toronto

  38. Coke Francis says

    I have so many nostalgic memories of going to these chocolate stores and toy stores in banff. It's such an amazing vibe

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