BANGLADESH IS WILD! – Dhaka Travel Vlog




↪ this is actually part 3, not part 2. amazing scenes in dhaka, bangladesh down in old dhaka and buriganga river

↪ epidemic sounds



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  1. Chris Travel Vlog says

    Note: YT have been screwing my monetisation of videos. So part 2 is coming later, this is part 3 of my first day in Dhaka.

  2. fahmida ahmed says

    if Bangladesh has ugly side like garbage why tourist will not show that. he is telling bitter truth. no civilized nation keep that unclean. so wild .

  3. Anz789 Anz789 says

    If u visit Bangladesh next time plan your visit. So u won’t have to moan.

  4. Cole Chapman says

    Awesome video! But what the heck! Seeing all the plastic pollution piled on the sides of the street, in the river, everywhere, was sad. I hope one day it is cleaned up and we can end plastic use around the world.

  5. Touhid Rahman says

    great video

  6. yusuf khalid says

    Dear Chris, i don't know who told you that this part of Dhaka has tourist attracted places. it's totally wrong. this old Dhaka is full of dust and garbage. if you want to see the real beauty of my country, visit Cox's Bazzar, Sazek vally, Sundarban forest, Ratargul, Sylhet and comilla mynamoty.

  7. Md. Asif Ali says

    Cool video mate : )

  8. Rawshan Iajdani says

    I am a dhakaite still I get excited every time I visit old filthy dhaka. As you were in older part of Dhaka you should check out wari, narinda, chawk bazar etc. There are some great food too. I hope you enjoyed your trip there. I seen you visited new market but you did not visit the new market kitchen market. I bet you picked a lousy guide.

  9. Sadia Zaman says

    I am a Bangladeshi and I I think its great your video shows how poorly and dangerously waste is managed in this country.Most of Bangladeshis have no idea what happens to waste after it leaves their door steps. Recycling and waste management is an individual responsibility,which is the bare minimum any citizen should be doing for their country and place of residence. Hope your health was intact afterwards,and well done for covering this!

  10. Ahmed Sarkar says

    found out your videos today…
    Thanks for coming here.
    Subscribed 👍

  11. Riazat Abrian says

    this is not wild you are wild.

  12. Suraiya Vabna says

    Dhaka is full of both good area and bad area if wanted to show real picture u should have shown both. other travellers are better than u showing real picture of it. like Jason billam travel and indigo travel

  13. Mir Ratul says

    Brother u r just focused on dirty places of my country 😏 I m really disappointe…

  14. Custom Yourself says

    R.I.P Buriganga River.👻

  15. helal siam says

    i dont understand why you went that area ?! our local people didnt want to go there , you know better than me that poor people were every where, like your country's homeless guy. this way our poor people lived in that area .so you should not be there. that's will make bad impression for dhaka. 🙁

  16. farhana Ireen Kole says

    Hi, you should visit Cox's Bazar, Saint Martin Island n shylet in Bangladesh…. Love from Dhaka

  17. Farid Ahmed Prince says

    Bro you went to the wrong part of the river!

  18. The Travels Of Z says

    You are getting 'footage' that you want, you know…good for vlogs but as a traveller you are missing out on a lot of decent stuff.

  19. Roy Berry says

    Hi Chris! Great Vlog as always. You’ve given us a great feel for Dakar. Footage is amazing. Can’t wait to see the next instalment. Roy and Lisa

  20. HOWCALL says

    next time if u make plan to visit Pakistan .then please visit Islamabad,murrie, naran,kaghan and Saif Ul malook lake if u want see the real heaven on Earth……please visit it in summer not in winter….

    please visit pakistan one more time please please….you have to see real Pakistan (real place of pakistan for tourist)..plzzz….

    visit these all places written above .these are close to each other…..

  21. Elliot Garcia says

    Great video man, to me seeing the poverty and garbage etc.. is what makes it interesting because its not what people are used to seeing and really puts things into perspective.


    no offense…….I will suggest u to watch BANGLADESH tour of Indigo traveller..
    btw this video was cool……

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