1. Messi Magic™ says

    He is tired.

  2. yigal elia says

    Without messi no barca so simple

  3. gyro op says

    Barca will not be the same Barca anymore after Messi leaves barca

  4. Bhuwan Chhetri says

    Who is here just to see the comments ?
    Love for messi ❣

  5. Gaurav Chauhan says

    Fca fubk

  6. wilan grg says

    King Messi 👏👏👏

  7. sam oc20 says

    barcelona gave messi everything… no player is bigger than the club, these muppets don't get it

  8. krazy_people says

    VAR is bullshit

  9. Rikshwith Binosh says

    We should all thank the fact that fc barcelona payed for his growth condition when he was young

  10. A Gomez says

    This was the worst Barcelona I’ve ever seen

  11. RAR GAMING says

    Out of Barcelona’s 63 possession Messi has more then 50.

  12. Aditya Bhattacharjee says

    the all time greatest player in the history of FC Barcelona also of the world

  13. Виктор Панин says

    0:47 I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  14. K Studio MY says

    Dont worry anymore, koeman tactical will not burden messi anymore

  15. Shunkan ido says

    Je n'ai pas vu ce match. Mais quand je vois la pauvreté de l'animation offensive, que Messi doit TOUT faire pour créer quelque chose….c'est vraiment pas croyable!!! Les autres joueurs ne suivent pas. Ne font aucun déplacement, ne proposent aucune solution. Défensivement, sur les 3 buts, la défense est complètement à la rue!! C'est une véritable hécatombe!! Nou sommes à des années lumières du niveau du Barça de 2011….

  16. Lyn Yiu says

    CR7 CR7 CR7 CR7 CR7

  17. Gwen Walravens says

    Without Messi on the field no-one would care about Barcelona. All the other good players either left, got to old or retired. Messi has been wasting his last two seasons at Barca.

  18. swedaranyam P says

    Is Griezman unhappy to play with barcelona Or out of form, because he did not even tried to put some efforts to change the game .

  19. Aleksandar Gutesa says

    … and you, Koeman, just…
    … just finish this season and leave..
    and then leave Camp Nou, leave Barselona, leave Spain. for good! no honour, no balls, no plain human decency.
    you don't belong there, you hombre competente y sin alma!

  20. Ibrahim Khan says

    Do not extoll his virtues

  21. Lion Sba3 says

    U people talk to much shit barca made mistake with alves and neymar with qatar sponsor affair rakutten did not bring anny succes i love barca with out commercial on shirt one shirt should be with out shirt sponsor like barca always was the only club with out shirt sponsor 💪🏾😝👍🏾

  22. dash robbin says

    Argentina and Barcelona both are fully depended on one man, they are the only reason for international retirement and club resignation. Never seen such an unlucky guy.

  23. Satyabrata Saha says

    For me the golden days of Barcelona was over when Luis Enrique left as a manager.. Since then two cowards were signed to manage the club by a coward President..

  24. K33ZO says

    1000th comment .

  25. Gerardo Lopez says

    Why 10 thousand ads tho

  26. Sanjay Joshi says

    THANK YOU MESSI…. I only see your matches

  27. Erik Potter says

    the title of this video is pointless

  28. Adapted pg3d says

    True like all they are doing is letting messi do all the work and Suarez a bit but no one else was doing anything it’s like Barca had 2 players for a couple years and fati even made something

  29. Tell it Like it is says

    When was this match ?

  30. Prince Boateng says

    i think u people should shut up … messi was tired he was the one suppose to be scoring but he failed…. so shut up

  31. Prince Boateng says

    silly topic to video

  32. Mr humane says

    4:45 what a hit to the side of his head looool

  33. BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin says

    it was not offsides

  34. Mauro Martinez says

    Messi is the best he is better than ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo is disrepect Messi is the best player of all time

  35. D'Angelo Ramsay says

    I will love to see neymar here 😔

  36. Geralt Of Rivia says

    Hey! A todos los Hispanos les pido que vean este video de Penaldo y despues vean el otro de Messi… son videos nunca antes visto… donde pone la VERDAD de estos dos jugadores de una vez por todas!! mirate este video Brother mirate este video y verás que nunca CR7 metió un gol decisivo para ganar las 4 Champions y la Eurocopa https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9161rpXDapE

  37. Lamphang Jyrwa says

    He deserves everything

  38. Sorena Ricky says

    There is anybody else in middle of the field but Messi for Barca!?!?!?

  39. Chris says

    That’s Messi clone.

  40. Sarowar Pandey says


  41. Otito Onuzulike says

    Messi knows if he leave Barcelona he's carrier would be over because he can't perform well in other club that's the truth

  42. Liverpol Ynwa says

    You are a messi fan not a barcelona fan

  43. Khaled Smadi says

    ظلم واضح

  44. Adrienne Pame says

    Barca hav bad defence

  45. Rahul deep says

    It seems by the look of valavarde's face that he knew already that this club is not moving into a great future… He can see that the club is lame without messi…

  46. Justin Perlera says

    Just watching this match makes me this bs the refere was just on atm side

  47. Iver Aarseth says

    No team deserves lionel messi

  48. young vynz says

    3- 2 how? Messi 1 goals was disallowed ?

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